Who wants to be a millionaire?

por snout em 13-09-2006, 21:01
Tópico: Software

On MSX Café you can find a French MSX version of Qui veut gagner des Millions?, a popular television show broadcast in many countries, internationally known as Who wants to be a millionaire?. In the game, which uses SCREEN 12 pictures and the turboR's PCM capabilities, the questions are all MSX related. You can download the game from MSX Café after registering an account.

Relevant link: Qui veut gagner des Millions? on MSX Café

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Por BraK

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15-09-2006, 00:30

You've done it Walter !!!!

Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees !!!!!!

T'es une star frérot !!!

Por snout

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15-09-2006, 00:32

we need fr.msx.org.... ;P

Por BraK

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15-09-2006, 00:34

oui snout !!!

and we need nl.msxcafe.org LOL!

Por AuroraMSX

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18-09-2006, 20:56

Mais, a pluspart, on a besoin d'une biere Tongue