Tabaraja labs updated

por Alexandre_Taito em 30-01-2007, 23:12
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The Brazilian website Tabaraja Labs was updated with several new articles:

  • Article on how to use 2 PC drives in an Expert 1.0
  • Article on how to build an Expert 3 into a PC case
  • Tutorial on building a DD2++
  • Images of (one of) the early MSX prototype(s)
  • Pin layout of the Ademir Carchano prototype cartridge
  • Adapted MSX2+ ROM set, with original boot screen (with no need for MSX KANJI ROM!) for any MSX 2.0 converted to MSX2+ by Zellemaker

Relevant link: Tabaraja Labs

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Por jannone

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02-02-2007, 03:26

I, for one, welcome our new Tabajara Overlords.

Por Alexandre_Taito

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02-02-2007, 03:28

May the king Tabajara be praised among us and his knowledge be useful for all fudebas around the world! LOL!