Ghosts 'n Goblins for MSX

por wolf_ em 12-02-2008, 11:14
Tópico: Software

The 1985 Capcom game Ghosts'n Goblins has been ported to MSX! The original game had been ported to many systems already, but an MSX port was never realized. In this platform game you control knight Arthur through the various stages to save his beloved who's been kidnapped by a messenger of Satan. The MSX port is more CPU-intensive than the original ZX-Spectrum version, the MSX port simply has more work to do. As a result of that, a 3.57MHz MSX will do, but with limitations. 7MHz comes highly recommended! On the bright side: the MSX version has been enhanced with a progress map, and there's music! (one tune for each stage!)

Relevant link: Ghosts 'n Goblins

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Por only_69

Hero (565)

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12-02-2008, 14:28

Congratulations Caetano!! Another fantastic conversion.

Por Fudeba

Expert (113)

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12-02-2008, 15:16

Thx! Smile
I believe there are more to come! Smile

Por mjgsantos

Expert (94)

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12-02-2008, 15:46

Yeah! Keep it comming!

Por dvik

Prophet (2200)

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12-02-2008, 17:45

Great job. Surprisingly smooth Smile

Por jltursan

Prophet (2619)

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12-02-2008, 17:57

Yup!, excellent work, as good as the Spectrum version (one of the best conversions done for the speccy)! Smile

Por anonymous

incognito ergo sum (116)

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12-02-2008, 22:27

I have just tried G'n'G, as well as the other ports (Altered Beast and so on): Good job!

Por tfh

Prophet (3277)

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12-02-2017, 13:07

LOL... I never knew this game was released on MSX Smile It was one of my favourite C64 games.
Just added it to my site ( and I know what I am gonna play this afternoon!

Por Albert Pieter Dotinga

Resident (39)

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16-02-2017, 22:17

I love turrican on commodore 64.... But sadly no msx port

Por journey

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17-02-2017, 08:58

Albert Pieter Dotinga wrote:

I love turrican on commodore 64.... But sadly no msx port

I'm still waiting for this.. Smile


Enlighted (6914)

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17-02-2017, 09:27

the closest thing you have on msx is this
and its sequel

Turrican is nice, but on msx1 it would look a bit watered down
Maybe on msx2 in screen 4 it could work, anyway it would be a lot of coding.