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21-04-2006, 18:03

Sorry for my rusty English... Smile

il compilatore in bluemsx non riesce a scrivere nella directory e non hai nulla da compilare in dos...

Por Manuel

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21-04-2006, 19:45

You can also use the diskmanipulator in openMSX. There's a special text file with openMSX that explains it, it's in the doc directory.
You can work on a virtual disk and export the files to your PC. You can also import files.

Por MicroTech

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08-05-2006, 17:00

@ manuel: sorry for the delay of my answer but I got some problems configuring openMsx to use hd, Dragon's Lair demo has arrived just in time to help me Smile

Thanks for your idea: diskmanipulator command is really great.
I've "imported" my project disks in hda disk and it works really fine.
The only disadvantage is that openMsx (even if throttle off and fullspeedwhenloading on) is slower than RuMsx 0.28 at full speed...
Probably RuMsx is faster 'cause its emulation is by far less accurate than openMsx but if you only need to reduce compile time RuMsx is the fastest I've found till now

Por Manuel

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08-05-2006, 21:27

If you really want to reduce compile time, try using a cross-assembler Smile

Por NotFound

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08-05-2006, 23:07

Development requires splitting code in many files and I've reached the limit of 110 files per directory.

You can use libraries with L80 or other linkers. Build one or several of them with your files and link against him. That way you use less files and, possibly more important, less files opened at once by the linker.

Por brawaga

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20-12-2020, 05:17

MicroTech wrote:

@ ro:
I link with:
L80 < filelist.txt
where filelist.txt contains a list of .rel modules.

How did you do that? I get «Command error» from L80.

Por DarkSchneider

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20-12-2020, 13:33

It is with << I think. The TXT file must be a multiple lines, not exceeding the long size of line each, in input order, this is, the order you want to link the things. Very similar to simply insert a Return replacing a comma in the lines.
You will get symbols not defined in the process, this is normal as you will link them later in the forward lines.

Por brawaga

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31-12-2020, 19:51

I discovered what's the problem with «Command error». That was wrong MSX-DOS version.
And also I discovered L80 failed to link for ROM cartridge, it only can link to .COM files. If anybody knows how to link ROM files, I'd appreciate, meanwhile I found and used another linker, LINK.COM for ROMs.

Por PingPong

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31-12-2020, 20:25

MicroTech wrote:

an Italian boy (me) writes in English to another Italian boy (you) who answers in English and the first boy (me) doesn't understand ('cause it's in English)... really funny Wink
Where is the "Italiano" flag? Cool

if anyone write in its own language, no one will be able to understand the others.
I think no one write in english to show its skill level in english, b ut only to share knowledge with others. the greater number of people that are able to understand, the greater the chance that a issue could be solved.

se ogni persona scrive nella sua propria lingua, nessuno sarà in grado di capire gli altri.
Non penso che nessuno scriva in inglese per mostrare il suo livello di bravura in inglese, ma solo per condividere la conoscenza.
più persone riescono a capire , più facile sarà che una problema possa essere risolto

Por thegeps

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31-12-2020, 22:44

I have no idea you were italian, PingPong... if not your translation tool is really good Wink

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