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Por MrRudi

Hero (525)

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28-12-2004, 21:51

I hate the bidding system. Always in the last minute someone pops by, places a higher bid in the last second and when you have decided you want to give even more, the auction is finished Sad.

After Ronnie's previous auction, there are some people who I don't even know but who I don't like Tongue Snatching away those games in the very last second Sad

I simply wrote a tool that bids my max bid (predefined) 10 seconds before any eBay auction closes. I never miss, since no-one is faster than a computer. That's the MSX developers way...can't do something? Then write a program that can!

Por Sama

Ambassador (2068)

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29-12-2004, 23:11

Hahaha! I knew it, I knew there was such a way!!

Por The_Engineer

Master (179)

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29-12-2004, 23:38

Princess Raper Errr.... that's all concerning MicroCabin

Errr... You should put that one on Ebay! I seriously think nobody has that obscure MicroCabin game Big smile

I think Koen Dols once proposed to make this game... or was it Starship Dejavu? I wonder if Sonic_aka_T still has a disk with graphics for the game. Wink Sad but true, another unfinished project lost in the mist of time...

Por Sonic_aka_T

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30-12-2004, 01:42

Actually, I'm still working on Princess Raper!!! Big smile Well, actually, it's just gonna be a direct port of the game we were planning to rip the GFX from... The code is about 90%, but there's still a lot of scripts and texts that need to be manually typed/parsed... Sad Tails was helping me out with that, so that's how he knows the original working title... The game already works JW, so if you ever want to see a promo... Wink

Strangely enough, I'm also working on Princess Maker by the way, but unfortunately that game is a lot less completed... Same old me though, 783 projects, and none of 'em finished... Tongue

Por wolf_

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30-12-2004, 01:46

uh.. t(^_^(b .. Princess Raper .. that's that hentai game, rite?

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