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15-12-2004, 14:23


As many of my adoring fans know, i mainly use MSX emulation on Amiga and GP32. I have gone back to AmiMSX on the Amiga, as i had to downgrade after my PPC card blew Sad As good as AmiMSX and fMSX GP32 is, i would like to own a REAL MSX computer next year (as shocking as it sounds!).

I am guessing i am after an MSX2/2+, as i would like a setup that could play MSX1 games through to the late MSX2 games such as MG, SS, SD Snatcher, Pennant Race and the new Bombjack game Smile I am looking for a pretty decent setup, that is great for games (nothing else), maybe a HD can be installed, but most of all: it must be pretty cheap! I am UK based, but i am not really after ebay links just yet, as i dont plan on buying one until after New Year, but am after models, systems that would suit me. Any guidence will be much appreciated.


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Por snout

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15-12-2004, 15:30

Heyah cu_Amiga.... actually choosing which MSX2 or MSX2+ you'd like to have is more a matter of choosing which one you think looks best (and is available, of course).

I'd recommend you to take a machine with at least 256kB memory, and highly recommend purchasing a CompactFlash interface while you're at it. If you're lucky enough to be able to get your hands on a turboR: GO FOR IT. It's the best MSX experience anyone could get Wink

Por Ivan

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15-12-2004, 23:26

Cheapest solution: European MSX2 with built-in diskdrive (all of them have 128 Kbytes of RAM). Optionally you can buy an external memory extension or MegaFlashRom ( ) to load ROM images (>128Kb) in the real MSX.


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16-12-2004, 15:38

Okay. I think i am after an MSX/2+ with a double sided FDD. With 256kb main memory and 128VRAM. I will have a hunt after Christmas! Smile

Por wolf_

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16-12-2004, 16:08

an msx2 with a v9958 inside could also be an option.. if you already have an fm-pac..