Illigal copied software on EBAY !!!!!!! did you spot illigal software place it here !!

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Paladin (1012)

imagem de POISONIC

15-02-2005, 09:58

Shocked! it looks realy fake that nemesis 2 label Wink

Por Samor

Prophet (2147)

imagem de Samor

15-02-2005, 17:29

I know; I couldn't find a cartridge label scan, so I had to do with a box scan; oh well, at least the picture came out nicely Wink

Por Sousuke

Master (177)

imagem de Sousuke

15-02-2005, 18:26

Try to use something different from the "common" programs such as MS Word, and your colleagues will scream for your help Wink
At least this is my experience Tongue

I couldn't distinguish that label from a fake one. Probably because of the photo quality? Smile
Btw, nice fake Tongue


Paladin (1012)

imagem de POISONIC

15-02-2005, 23:32

Its printed in bad quality Wink too

Por Grauw

Ascended (10581)

imagem de Grauw

16-02-2005, 22:33

FiXato, I think the difference is: yours was free. I still paid 17,50 euros for my license.

Sousuke, actually, at work we don't have a lot of MS Office licenses, so OpenOffice is used by the people who don't absolutely require MS Word, and everyone who has Word also has an installation of OpenOffice to work with that. But then again, I don't write my documents in MS Word, but in XHTML. I always submit my timesheets as OpenOffice spreadsheet files though, and I never heard a complaint Smile.


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