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30-10-2013, 15:03

I haven't been reading this topic for a long time, but is there any plans to fix the code box? It is really annoying that every time you post a source, some part of it is missing. (AFAIK, mostly related to "<" and ">" handling... Code in between disappears.)

Por snout

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30-10-2013, 15:06

Yeah, that's a nasty case of "Drupal being Drupal" -- it's still on the todo list. Will try and look into it, but am a little limited on time these days. (aren't we all?)

Por AxelF

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29-01-2014, 23:29

Sorry for whining again ,
but can someone please turn OFF the VIGLINK Shit please.
Click on one of the images in the first post in THIS topic to see it goes to viglink first :S

Por snout

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29-01-2014, 23:33

Axel - Viglink link insertion is turned off, thankfully, but the rest of Viglink (Convert) is here to stay. What is your objection against it, actually? It helps us keep our website up and running - sometimes even organizing an event of giving a few prizes away - in an about as unobtrusive a way as possible. Is that really such a bad thing?

Por mars2000you

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29-01-2014, 23:51

AxelF : if you use Firefox or Chrome, there are extensions who allow you to authorize or not ressources used by a website : NoScript or ScriptSafe - By default, all resources are not authorized.

If you use IE, there is no any solution.

Por luppie

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06-03-2014, 13:56

I just found out something weird on the homepage.

I can see that there is a comment post on my topic @ 13:35, but when I open the topic there is no 3'th comment.

Por Jorito

Mr. Ambassadors (1782)

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06-03-2014, 14:00

These comments were from a new user and these comments as such these comments had to be moderated. I just did that, the comment count should be allright now Smile

Por hit9918

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07-03-2014, 15:35

I'd like a bigger "latest forum posts" bar.
Once the bar is exhausted, one needs to recurse click into a dozen categories to see what was posted.

If you dont want to mess the front page, there is another side bar of "latest forum posts" in
That has just one more entry. Wouldn't hurt if it had 30 entries.

Por syn

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18-03-2014, 15:49

It seems I don't have the quote/edit buttons in IE11

Anyone know if its a problem of my settings or related to the MRC site itself?

It works fine in Firefox and Chrome.

Por mars2000you

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18-03-2014, 16:06

No any problem in IE10, so it's probably a bug in IE11.

But I don't understand why you need to use IE as Chrome and Firefox are better.

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