I was thinking about a good idea to implement in MRC.

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Por HansO

Paladin (672)

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19-08-2005, 10:12

Having the FAQ and MiLC and all other MSX info (like e.g. the stuff in Portar and HansO's site in one big Wiki like structure -- preferably moderated, so it won't get clogged with all kinds of sh** -- is imho a Very Good Thing[TM] :)

Indeed a good idea. But a lot!!! of work though, requiring teamwork during a long period by dedicated MSX specialists to achieve quality and completeness.
I have spent several years publishing hardware and development info and feel I just scratched the surface of what it should be. And time spent on publishing is time lost for working yourself with the machines :(
Manual has spent at least the same time with the faq to reach the quality it has now.
And this kind of work is hardly as exciting or rewarding as creating an emulator, tool, game or cool hardware project, though it is fun to hear some of this info has been of use for a fellow MSX user :)

The MSX WIKI encyclopedia project :). Reminds me of the first Foundation book by Asimov.

Perhaps a begin should be a searchable database with pointers to all the sites and files? Volunteers? Project manager, web designers, writers/scanners, proofreaders?

Por Jorito

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19-08-2005, 10:41

I could do some work with web developing, setting up, or designing, but since there are other people with better insight in the material, I'd refrain from that. Best would probably to just install a Wiki on a dedicated domain somewhere and start from there, maybe hack the Wiki software a bit. Then, write some scripts to migrate the currently existing contents into that Wiki. No need to reinvent the wheel Smile

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