Replaying Samples In Moonsound

Por norakomi

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14-01-2012, 16:52

Hi all !!

I am looking for a sample replayer for moonsound.
I found a music replayer: [opl4repl.lzh] - [.MWM] MBWAVE replayer,
but nowhere did I find asm sourcecode how to play a sample.

Is there anyone who has played samples on moonsound before and still
has the sourcecode lying around ?

I suppose it shouldn't all be too difficult, I just never programmed for
the moonsound before, so this is kinda new to me.

Any help is welcome, thanks !!

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Por Manuel

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14-01-2012, 23:41

There's a modplayer for moonsound...

Por norakomi

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15-01-2012, 08:42

but as far as I can tell a mod player plays mod files (amiga music files)

Is MoonSound able to replay Amiga [.MOD] files?

Yes it is, till now there are the following programs which are able to replay [.MOD] files:

I'm looking for a sample replayer for moonsound ^__^
But thanks anyway

Por wolf_

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15-01-2012, 13:59

Afaik you can't 'stream' samples directly, e.g. you'll have to preload them into the Moonsound's SRAM. Once there, the MBWave player should give you hints as for how to play such samples.

Por Manuel

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15-01-2012, 14:58

MOD files are samples being played according to a tracker format...

And indeed, you can't play samples "live" without uploading them to the MoonSound SRAM, as Wolf said.

Por kuro

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30-05-2013, 15:43


Can you tell me how to use?,,

I use moonsound on turboR and DOS2.
It is not played if it was just way.

A>MMP song.mod

Extension XM, S3M can not play?