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Por Daemos

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15-01-2015, 12:01


But do you mean those problems only occur after exporting (like the exported file sounds different compared to when playing in MusicA)?

correct assumption Smile the problems begin after exporting. Could be kinrou5 as well who knows...

FM is basicly coders hell. Either get yourself one of the alternatives or write the whole thing yourself. Too bad there are not many alternatives. If you have the replayer you don't have the editor and vice versa. If you have both, they are slow or still in a beta stage.

You will have to come up with something you wrote yourself and that takes alot of time you are not willing to invest in a project that takes shorter to fix than the FM support itself.

In the end you either end up with some heavily modified alternative that does the job within good reason or in case you have a closed source project use the best there is and never tell the maker about it. Sad but true.

But there is light at the end of the tunnel. Well light... lets say there is hope. As far as i know trilotracker is still being developed and so is the replayer. So within who knows 2 years? 5 years? we will never have to worry again about all these problems.

Por Grauw

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15-01-2015, 12:56

I don’t think an MML player with multiple sound chip support would be very difficult to make...

Just compile MML text to easy-to-process bytecode in a simple language like NodeJS JavaScript (e.g. use JSON for the MML file structure), and then make a replayer which reads this bytecode, has for each channel a pointer to the next event and a time counter, decrements counters each interrupt and whenever the counter reaches 0 processes events until it reaches the next wait event, outputs the right values to the sound chips, done.

Shouldn’t take more than a week or two to make a functional MML player.

Por Daemos

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15-01-2015, 14:22

If you have the power and knowledge to create such a thing which is also very fast you will be on my offcial hero's who deserve great respect list.

Por tonigalvez

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15-01-2015, 15:00

syn wrote:

Midis are everywhere

Unless you are making ports/remakes of other games I dont see much use for using MIDI files in msx development (well maybe also work for rhythm/music games I guess). I rather have a good music editor on MSX instead. A game developer wants original music, not random tunes from the web.

Anyway I am still looking for a light BGM/MML replayer that can play psg+opll+scc at least, from what I've heard kinrou5 is not that great/rather slow. Also a capable tracker would be nice.
Moonblaster 1.4 is not bad but the lack of multiple effect commands per step is VERY limiting imho. I have no comment on the replayer speed since I havent done much with it yet, but I have seen games use it (even basic ones) so I guess it is useful if you code better Big smile. Besides msx-audio is awesome Big smile

@daemos I havent had any bugs yet, the only problem I had until now was that I misunderstood the syntax for legato/link notes Smile But do you mean those problems only occur after exporting (like the exported file sounds different compared to when playing in MusicA)?

@popolony2k interesting project!

Of course YES, we can use MIDIs from Rock, clasical music, Jazz, flamenco, pop and many more.

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