RNFF bug?

Por AuroraMSX

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28-04-2012, 18:11

I sometimes see the text ": R N F F :" (without the spaces) instead of the RNFF-icon.

Test: Running Naked in a Field of Flowers Interesting. Here it woiiks.

However, in e.g. thread What happened to Jannonne's webpage I see the text.

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Por andrear1979

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14-02-2015, 18:53

I've had the same problem as AuroraMSX in another post with Baracus face :BA: , and I could replicate here. I believe it happens when you add URLs before the smiley.

Por Meits

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14-02-2015, 21:44

Whatever the problem is (I've ran in it quite often), if I see it went wrong, I c/p the url of the smiley as an image...
Though, it should be fixed Smile

Por wernerkai

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23-05-2015, 23:53

Hey, please could you create a smiley with the MSX logo white on black ?


I think It would be nice