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Por Sama

Ambassador (2061)

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19-08-2013, 23:26

Hi Thomas!

The manuals are complicated, because you can't "IPS patch" a manual and those PDF's include material that is copyrighted by the original creators (layout, pictures, stuff like that). I must admit that I'd like to have those available again as well, because I spent many, many, many hours translating the texts and recreating the manuals with the English texts, which I could've spent much, much, much better, especially in those days *sniff*.

I have to think about how I could make those manuals and extra content available again in an agreeable way. I have thought about just distributing the translation of the texts, but it just wouldn't be the same. Obviously, you have a point when saying that (copyrighted) manuals are also available through the MSX Repository, so please give me some time to think about this.

And about the interview: of course I'd love to do such an interview! But I do have to inform you that I translated Xak mainly in 2006, which is also a long time ago, so I don't know if I still could answer all your questions, but still - be my guest!

Por rolins

Champion (418)

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20-08-2013, 00:11

Well I'm glad this thread is back on topic

I'm crossing my fingers these IPS patches get released sometime this year. It would be the icing on my birthday cake. Smile

Those manual were high quality stuff. I also still have all the extra materials for the games I bought. It certainly gave an added incentive for paying the full price. I just wish I had bought Hydlide 2, that was the last game I wanted to get before the website went down, but I kept procrastinating. I really should be getting back to to work instead thinking about games. Smile2

Por SkyeWelse

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20-08-2013, 01:29

Thanks for considering this, Rieks. : )

Like Rolins here, I wish I had been able to purchase more games, especially the Hydlide games and their manuals. : ) I've always wanted to get into that series on MSX. I've played the NES version before. I was in school during those years when the WOOMB service was up and running and unfortunately had limited time and income to play and finance new games. I was actually only about half-way through your translation of Xak and Golvellius II when the service went down. It was a great experience though while it lasted, a high-quality translation and a very nice emulator all-in-one package.

Glad to hear that you would be interested in doing that interview. Tell you what, if all goes well, I'll think of some good questions to ask you about all of that in the next few weeks and email them over to you for you take a look at when you get a chance. Or if you prefer Skype we could do it that way as well once I have some questions prepared. : )



Por pitpan

Prophet (3145)

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20-08-2013, 14:07

They were really good translations, too bad that they were intended only to be played on an emulator. For the games that I bought, I found a way to extract them and play in the real MSX computers. I thought it was OK back then 'cause I had paid for them and I did not redistribute the ROMs. Mmmm. As soon as I have some spare time I will replay Golvellius, such a fantastic game and finally in perfect English.

And I know of other people that managed to decrypt the games and play them in real MSX computers.

Por Manuel

Ascended (18154)

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20-08-2013, 14:21

It would really be awesome indeed to get these translations out... Sama: seems like you can get lots of help if needed! Just ask people to contact you if you need any Smile
If I can do something to get these translations available, let me know.

Por Samor

Prophet (2106)

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22-08-2013, 14:05

that reminds me I should really try and fold those aleste papercraft planes Hannibal

Por ren

Paragon (1872)

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31-08-2018, 15:50

Meits in 2013 wrote:

Get on with it Rieks... Can't wait another ten years...

Are you sure about that? Face

Por Meits

Scribe (6446)

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31-08-2018, 18:17

For the sake of the game fans, I hope it won't be 2023. Only five years have passed, so the glass is only halve empty Wink

Por iamweasel2

Paladin (685)

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18-10-2020, 21:10

Only a little more than 2 years left for 2023... Wink

Por Meits

Scribe (6446)

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18-10-2020, 21:30

In the mean time I've seen (some of) those patches pop up on the net.

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