(joystick) Looking for Playstation to MSX converter

Por norakomi

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28-09-2013, 21:14


Im looking for a playstation to msx converter,
something like this, but then with msx plug instead of usb

Does anyone know if they are (still) available, and where ?

Also I was wondering if it's possible to get extensioncable for an msxjoystick.
The msx joystickcable is so short.

Kind regards

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Por sd_snatcher

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28-09-2013, 21:25

Ant0niuutti achieved that by installing the joymega circuit inside a TOTOKEK PS2->Megadrive adapter.

Por Meits

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29-09-2013, 00:29

Here be the joystick extension cable...

Weird... ESET gets triggered by entering this site... Will warn Bas...

Por sd_snatcher

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29-09-2013, 06:08

You can also use Sega Genesis controller extension cables, like those being sold on eBay.

Por KdL

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29-09-2013, 14:01

I have this one: 2IN1Controller Convertor PS+PC XK-DC2080 Playstation Mega Drive

It works very well!! :)