Konamito.es unreachable, MSX blue limited to one page

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Por mars2000you

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20-12-2013, 15:06

If I refer to these news


there are still some differences between these adapters and the emulators as MSX emulators are not provided with original or hacked game roms and most of them are available without any fee, so you can't speak about a 'global business'.

Por o.geerdink

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20-12-2013, 15:27

Maybe it's because of the domainname, I think I'd get a e-mail if my website was named cocacolaito.nl from the coca cola company?

Por gdx

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20-12-2013, 15:32

The flash card too are not provided with original or hacked game roms (Except the first ones who used a header of cartridge). Nintendo has managed to make forbid it in several countries.

Por turbor

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20-12-2013, 21:55

Ah, but those devices are "used to circumvent the technological protection measures" and that is forbidden under the Digital Millenium Copyright Act in the USA. And Nintendo is well known to be hard handed about emulation also (and not only Nintendo, remeber the "Bleem!" emulator). You should look up how Nintendo tried to use copyright on their logo in gameboy roms to prevent homebrew games!
If there is money involved people/companies tend not to care too much for "the greater good"

Por Vampier

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21-12-2013, 18:19

I highly doubt this came from Konami. If this came from Konami's legal department someone should be fired for not being able to form full coherent sentences.

And Konami Japan holds the rights not the one in England.

also "however following titles belong to us, Konami Digital Entertainment Co" .... do you really think that Konami would say "to us".... the letter doesn't even mention Intellectual property.

It's all very sketchy.

Por Daemos

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21-12-2013, 20:27

I agree with Vampier. The letter doesn't look like a copyright letter to me.

I have seen some serious company treats and they don't look like this one. What I always saw was at least something like:

1. A name and adress + phone number on how to contact the legal department.
2. A deadline and some serious pressing warnings that if this deadline is not met then laywers blablabla
3. Always some scentence that tells you the possiblity to reject or start a discussion about this or at least inform on the given adress on 1

Ohw yeah and a full name of the one that wrote the letter. This email just doesn't make 100% sense. It looks legit but it doesn't. sketchy is the exact word Wink

Por OeiOeiVogeltje

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21-12-2013, 20:40

i agree with Vampier and Daemos

better look at it again, Konamito!!


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21-12-2013, 20:51

I would check twice the email address used by "konami"

Por mars2000you

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22-12-2013, 01:17

An interesting 'big' comment by Gryzor87 about the bad Konami approach


(Google translation)

The Mirror

Lately we are witnessing a revolution in legal actions all over the Internet. Bloggers, Youtubers, Developers and other affected wildlife are seeing withdraw their videos, comments, pictures, links and advertising at bayonet-in this case email-by lawyers or legal advisers of large companies such as Capcom, Bandai / Namco, EA, Rockstar or Konami. Without making the slightest concession, the warnings are clear: "Delete all content / links to roms of our company, for you are infringing the intellectual property rights. If no later than 48 hours we do not receive a confirmation email proceed to take legal action in such and such ... "With this formula are sweeping many places far and wide network of networks, and of course, this sobering right now:

Why these actions are synchronized? Who is behind all this? What interests are involved? Is it a simple maneuver of 'patent trolls'?

We do not have clear answers, but we can state the following facts today:

-There are many Youtubers living making videos reviewing games (and make money, of course).

-Youtube has almost unlimited material concept of musical versions / Let's play (or commented games) / Reports / etc, infringing intellectual property in all cases.

-There are also many websites with links to Roms systems commercially outside business (Emuparadise / Nitroroms / Romnation / etc).

-The community of fans of the product it can be expressed through the aforementioned means.

One of the main issues is the permission . I have a few videos on Youtube versions hung properly accredited and anecdote. In one of them ( Game of Thrones ) I went to the composer Ramin Djawadi to ask permission, and interestingly got hit, because 'with the myriad of versions, no problem, provided you put the original source. " And there's the issue: the fan phenomenon has never enjoyed greater expansion means as now. Entire groups can be organized to parade dresses Stormtroopers with the approval of George Lucas and strength. The problem is that not all companies understand well the fan phenomenon. And with a retinue of lawyers are deployed over the Internet to the taking of the offender. This week it was our beloved Konamito recognized number one fan of the signing of Gradius . Whole years dedicated to pampering, spread and preach from the rooftops greatness of retro video games and what is most important: creating fans and preserve culturally as important as film, literature and visual arts legacy. Yes gentlemen, video games are becoming a cultural value beyond doubt. But back to the case of Konamito, upon receiving the warning, legitimate in content-by Konami, an important debate about what aspects opens this action should be considered:

1. It is known that Konami will market again his MSX titles on the Wii U console because it 'retro' is quite fashionable.

Two. Maybe this is why there is a trace of Roms on popular websites.

Three. And a crusade to eradicate the illegal distribution of these roms, because there is money involved and this large corporation has to monetize their shares.

It's that simple.

Now come the subjective / human valuations that everyone can do this. I'll give you mine:

Konamito is an infringer of copyright law-like me-but provides much more than 'damage' done to the company. All broadcast and advertising that has made Konami is to put a monument in Kobe. Obviously the company does not need no advertising, but gestures like this suggest the coldness towards the fans and the attempt to control consumers.

A few days ago I tried to search on Youtube a piece of Castlevania to touch the piano: "Simon's theme" and what was my surprise when almost 90% of the results were versions of people singing, a guitar, a piano, a group, orchestra, dance remix , ... endless fans expressing their enthusiasm and enlarging this famous piece with his talent. Is not this proof of loyalty and love of a community devoted to her favorite saga? And now the company is going and wants to clear-and punish-hours of rehearsing, recording and dedicated? truth: I DO NOT UNDERSTAND. People do not function well. Not all are 'benefits', 'sales' or 'copyright infringement'. Sometimes you have to look beyond this. Certainly there are people who profit from these videos or download sites, but the vast majority are fans Konamito or as a server, which are filled with the experience of playing their admiration, commenting or writing a capella that Castlevania cool.

Definitely, you can not stem the tide and thanks to these fans today we can enjoy and feed back their art and dedication.

I agree that a company defend its interests, but it must be a part that includes the fan phenomenon well understood and able to distinguish when we are doing wrong with their most loyal fans. And Konami should take note of this.

And today when I get home I'll play a little rhythm of Simon Belmont, because Castlevania cool. And it will molando.

Por Konamito

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22-12-2013, 21:35

ibantxuyn wrote:

I think Konamito site is down because the incoming high traffic, not down by Konami's request Smile

Yes, that's why the site is offline for now. The traffic took down the server...

I'm thinking about making changes in the site. Maybe it will come back or maybe not.

I wrote back the email and I haven't get any answer... Was this email from Konami real? I think so.

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