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Por German.Diaz.Fuentes

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12-12-2014, 11:58

Hello everyone!

My name is Germán, from MSX Calamar.
I'm the webmaster of the web where we make cables, adaptors and many more items for our MSX.

Since first od december is avaliable a new blog on the web, only in spanish, related exclusively with MSX.

It's still under construction, but now there are news or images from past MSX user meetings in Barcelona.

I hope you can enjoy it, and we are open to any colaboration with news or articles to keep our MSX alive.

MSX Calamar

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Por GuilianSeed

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12-12-2014, 18:14

Nice to read you again ! Smile

Por gamemastermaarten

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14-12-2014, 23:53

Nice to read German. I believe I have just as many games as you. I 'm only just started this year with my MSX hobby. Since March 2014. Wink