VG-8235/20 External pc FDD help, and new FFD needed for internal

Por Langoor_

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24-05-2015, 23:00

Hello guys!

I bought an VG-8235 second hand, it had some defects (Me and seller didnt knew about)
so, after reseating the rom, and cleaning pins, and adding some springs to the spacebar its mostly fixed!

now i am stuck with an broken drivebelt... Anyone a link to a cheap replacement one? i am now running on a diy drivebelt from some PVC tape Tongue but that isnt the best solution ever.

Also i would like to attach an 720Kb PC drive to the external port. I have a PSU to power the PC-FDD. Anyone some tips about this?

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Por roadfighter

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30-05-2015, 16:40

You will need to update your disk Rom first. Is it the 8235/00 or 8235/20 ?
If you have 1 Rom you can replace it with a 8245 rom an if you have 3 roms ( 2 bios, and a disk rom) you can replace the disk rom for version from a 82xx. Then you need to make a hardware modification for the use of double sided drives.
You can look for it in the Hans Otten site, dont have the link or the version from Bas Kornalijnslijper but his site is down.

Por Jipe

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30-05-2015, 17:33

the 8235/20 is the same of 8235/39
puting the 8245 rom
see at :

Por o.geerdink

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30-05-2015, 19:26

Use a inner bicycle tire cut in little pieces for drivebelts. It works well

Por Guts

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31-05-2015, 09:23

Remember not all 3.5 disk drive's work, I tryed 6 off them only 1 work on my 8235/00.
Same disk drive need some hackes to get it work on the msx.
I made a better FDD cable using Bas Kornalijnslijper guide (yes I have this guide) Wink
Works great BA-team

Por gdx

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31-05-2015, 10:12

Make a cable:

And as Jipe says the Disk-ROM from VG8245 is needed.