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Por Gregory

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09-07-2015, 19:51

Can somebody tell me if it is possible to see in blueMSX what mapper is used by the different games.
If you load a rom in bluemsx then I think bluemsx needs to know what the original mapper was, where is this information stored?

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Por mars2000you

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09-07-2015, 20:12

If you use blueMSX with its very nice interface, the ROM mapper type can be seen in the status bar of this interface. See infos here :

blueMSX uses databases in xml format. You need to go in the subdirectory Databases of blueMSX.

When a rom game or application is in the database, the emulator uses the databases to apply the correct mapper. If the sha1 value of a dump is not yet in the databases, it uses an automatic mapper detection system, but it can fail in some cases. In this situation, you need to insert manually the rom and to select the correct mapper.

More infos in the manual :

Some new mappers have been added in the different 2.8.3 beta versions.

Por Gregory

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09-07-2015, 21:39

Thanks very much for the excellent reply! Big smile