Which is faster? IDE or SCSI

Por alexworp3

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09-10-2015, 18:57

Today i was playing with bluemsx.
First i tried to open a hddimage whith a goudascsi interface. I opend nop modplayer and tried to load some modfiles, Which opened rather fast in bluemsx in turbormode.

Aftre that i did the same whith a sunrise ide interface and i had the thought that ide would be much faster.

To my surprise it didn't. I always thougt it should be faster but why didn't it

Now i'm curious why. has anybody else the same thing or is it just the emulation of one or the other

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Por gdx

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10-10-2015, 08:58

Do not trust the loading speed with BlueMSX.

I think on real MSX the faster is the Mega-SCSI or some SD interfaces. The Sunrise's interface CF is also fast. We realize it with a MSX turbo R only.