Introducing "Shadow Gangs" an 80's arcade inspired ninja action game.

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Por jgames

Resident (48)

imagem de jgames

06-12-2015, 00:58

Hi everyone;

I would like to introduce a new game in the making, inspired by some of the great arcade games of the mid to late 80's.
The game is Shadow Gangs, and has the look and feel and games like Shinobi, Dragon Ninja and other Arcade ninja/action games.

It's not related to the MSX, but as the MSX was my first game machine and the game is retro inspired I wanted to let you know about it in this forum.

Here are some pictures of the game, a music track of the demo level,.

Let me know your impressions here or in the forum if you like it!

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Por jgames

Resident (48)

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08-02-2016, 02:28

I thought I give a new Shadow Gangs update, I know it's not MSX related but it might of interest to some.

Product is near finished, a new great soundtrack is in the works, the musician sent me a new extract of it and it sounds fabulous. I'll put it for download as soon as I get it.

I know I always say a video is coming soon, or the demo soon...but this game is hard work and especially I want it to be the great product I am hoping it will be.

In any case, the demo should be out before the end of March.

Here is some pictures of the game running the latest build.

Por Exerion76

Rookie (18)

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08-02-2016, 11:14

Looks great!
Can't wait to try out the demo Smile

Por jgames

Resident (48)

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16-02-2016, 23:30

Hi Everyone;

I would like to share with you some good news, this month's last weekend I will meet the game background artist Toni Galvez, and we'll be making videos of the game.
So an actual game video will be available before the end of this month.

Another great news, I received Shadow Gangs's second and final music track for the demo.

Please find it here, it manages to be even better than the first track, I kept listening to it the whole day and still do now. (Make sure to listen to it MSX music lovers :)).

It is an exciting prospect to imagine the whole game having music of this quality from start to finish, which was my objective but I feel lucky to work with such a talented artist.

For you guys that wanted a ninja instead of Dan, Dan will transform to a ninja (you'll still play Dan for those that like him the way he is now, but he will transform to a ninja mid level (so he can use the sword and other ninja powers)).

Here an image showing Dan in ninja suit, as well as the first mission boss:

More detail on the news section of game website.

Hope you like it!

Por kanima

Master (194)

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16-02-2016, 23:44

Looking forward to seeing the video and playing the demo. Dan's transformation mid-level sounds like an interesting concept.

Por syn

Prophet (2145)

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16-02-2016, 23:53

jgames wrote:

looks nice :D

Por JohnHassink

Ambassador (5697)

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17-02-2016, 00:14


(Make sure to listen to it MSX music lovers Smile)

The music is nice, but I can't really say that anything about it reminds of MSX sound. Smile

Por jgames

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17-02-2016, 00:25

Thanks. I am happy you liked it.

Por jgames

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25-02-2016, 01:18

Hi Everyone;

Just a quick update, I received the final version of both Shadow Gangs music tracks.
Find them here:
Burning Fist
Shadow Gangs Theme

The video is of course coming this weekend!

Por jgames

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28-02-2016, 02:03

Shadow Gangs video is now available here:

Por jgames

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03-04-2016, 23:27

I thought I'll give a new Shadow Gangs update.

The game is being updated every day, the new backgrounds are under way and they will look nothing like the originals. They will be very detailed and will have an extra parallax layer that will add a lot of atmosphere to the game.

Shadow Warriors is now my inspiration in relation to the backgrounds variations and amount of static object, so expect a completely different and better looking backgrounds.

Other fixes are related to engine fixes, 3 checkpoints instead of 1, new knifeman with a new flying attack type, better AI, fixed camera, some prone guys will now stand up when Dan is near (not all will stand up!) and many fixes and new features have gone in.

I leave you with Dan in ninja form, hope you like it:

and the end boss of one of the games mission (yes, Freddy!):

Development is still going on, stay tuned!

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