Sein/Xain/Zain Soft and the yakuza

Por JohnHassink

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20-01-2016, 20:52

I stumbled on this on the best gaming website around.


Sein Soft / Xainsoft / Zainsoft chapter 108
An interview with Kensuke TAKAHASHI. A world exclusive interview, detailing the mysterious Osaka based developer which twice changed its name, and had a reputation for being yakuza affiliated, physically beating its staff, and creating some of the strangest computer games in Japan. None of them reached the West, but they're all fascinating, and have strong connections to Falcom. Detailed discussion on the creation of Dios, and what might be the only true PC-88 CD-ROM game in existence, which as yet has never been found.

That's quite something, hehehe.

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Por SuchAGoonie

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20-01-2016, 21:09


physically beating its staff


I wonder how salary negotiations went. Win two rounds against the real life Akuma?