New OCM clones!!!

Por Bioman

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16-02-2016, 13:38

Hello my friends!!!!!!!!!!!

Now we have many new MSX OCM Clones that is in production for Japan and South Korea. I wanted sharing to you this type of OCM since after Zemmix Neo I think there was not? In particular in ROK is right now making machine "RETRO-M". I ask it cost 20 000 JPY ( around 157 EUR + shippment). I ask and at least shipping Japan is possible. From Korea to other country I did not ask but if instered I can ask.

Also, if want buying Japanese OCM Clone it is possible. Need is the Altera USB Blater (also sold) so if you want this model, is more similar to original OCM but because copyright is not possible to flash firmware (you need doing it yourself). This is 25000 YEN + shipment for this board (is same with original except logotype). If want this, assembly time is a little bit and please send me mail.

Just of curiousity I am posting picture from the Korea OCM called RETRO-M. Seemingly very interesting project but not too sure what type of firmware is used. Crying Crying Crying

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Por AxelStone

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16-02-2016, 15:18

I thnik that it's a very good notice for MSX users that OCM clones continues being produced. Since our MSX are olds, FPGA based MSX are a good alternative to have a new MSX nowadays.

About firmware, I suposse that it uses KdL firmware.

Por Bioman

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16-02-2016, 17:05

Thank you! I think is mainly the hardware thing of cartridge and compatiblity way of using our soft is most important thinking. Absolutely emulator is good and even this type is not 100% original MSX still we can use and make it working similar as original experience as possible.

Por blackmsx

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17-02-2016, 10:15

Im interested on buying one of these. I would go for korean version since is a bit cheaper. Do you know where to order these?

Por Bioman

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19-02-2016, 03:11

Hello blackmsx. If want ordering this is needed being member of Korean Naver. But joining I think is required you need Korean ID number or phone. But of course if want buy, send me E-mail your location and I ask him how much is shipping cost from Korea. I think PayPal was okay. But cannot promise. Crying

Por o.geerdink

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19-02-2016, 06:05

Please one for me in the Netherlands with PayPal. I didn't find your mail address.

Kind regards,