Noob to MSX, Which System should i get? (MSX, MSX2/Brand Etc..)

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Por Grauw

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04-03-2016, 09:35

I’m not sure but I think Japanese RF may not be compatible with European and American TVs.

Por Wild_Penguin

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04-03-2016, 15:00

[OT] There is a huge difference in different models composite output, too. It (the differences) was probably not so noticeable on the typical < 24" CRT TVs in the 80s. I recently compared (well, just tried for fun while troubleshooting / investigating some SCART issues) my Sony HB-75P, Philips NMS 8255 and Toshiba HX-10s compostite output. The HX-10 was the worst by far, HB-75P and NMS8255 were not that bad actually (and IIRC roughly on-par, but I didn't do any extensive comparison). I'd guess that the same effect can be seen in RF output, too. [/OT]

Por tvalenca

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04-03-2016, 16:05

Japanese Analog TV Broadcast System is somewhat similar to American one, but the major difference is exactly channel definitions... on NTSC-M (USA) channel 1 is "reserved" and cannot be used to TV Broadcast. It seems that channel base frequencies are also different between NTSC-M and NTSC-J.

So, No Japanese RF on American analog TVs (do they still have analog TV receiver nowadays?)

European TV Broadcasts are completely different from NTSC-M and NTSC-J. (50Hz vs 60HZ, PAL vs NTSC, Different colorbust frequencies... it simply won't work!)

Por Pac

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04-03-2016, 17:41

Brandon Jay Stickle wrote: has great prices and a great selection! But unfortunately, i would never be able to convince my father to let my buy from there.

If you finally go for an MSX2+, as Grauw told you before do not hesitate and contact daniel683104, a trustworthy person. He usually offers revised and tuned-up MSX computers even with some add-on like memory expansion or FDD replacement.

Por Brandon Jay Stickle

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04-03-2016, 18:07

that might be just as hard to trust, for my dad at least, but thank you for the recommendation also! i was reading on other forums that people dont exactly like it here and that is full of resellers.

Por meits

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04-03-2016, 18:32

Trust is something personal.
daniel683104 has sold me a Sony HB-F1XDJ once. It was in mint condition and totally revised with even a memory expansion in it. When I found out the internal FM didn't work, he sent me a new mainboard, trusting me I didn't lie AND trusting me I would send the malfunctioning mainboard back. And we trusted each other which made the deal 100% good for me.
Daniel sells a lot here and has earned a lot of trust credits. If someone here is a scam, he'll get a load of critics and other mean things thrown at him. This has never happened to him and I'm sure it never will.
On the other hand. Daniel travels to the US on regular basis. He tells that here to check if there's interest from the Americans in hardware he has to sell. That way the shipment gets a lot cheaper.

Of course, you and your dad do not know Daniel. But do some research on his posts here and the replies he gets. If you don't trust him after that, well who can you trust then?

Por anonymous

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04-03-2016, 18:42

Brandon Jay Stickle wrote:

i was reading on other forums that people dont exactly like it here and that is full of resellers.

LOL. Where if I may ask? Big smile

Por RetroTechie

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04-03-2016, 22:33

@Brandon Jay: It's a small world. So if a regular user somehow wrongs another user of this forum (and doesn't correct or explain the situation!), (s)he'd surely be hung out to dry over here. Smile

I'm also a regular here and have heard no such issues about him, while I've seen him offer machines for sale regularly (and I did a small deal with him myself once, no problem there either).

Granted, that's still no 100% guarantee. But about the safest you can get if you're dealing with someone you don't know personally.

Por Grauw

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04-03-2016, 23:00

Also Paypal provides protection and dispute resolution services.

Por mfeingol

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05-03-2016, 01:25

sd_snatcher mentioned a SCART->Component-video adapter, which I thought was interesting.

The device mentioned needs a power supply, so presumably there's still some active signal transformation going on. So has anyone found that to work better (e.g. better quality or lower latency) than the classic SCART to HDMI adapter?

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