Looking for: MSX - Korean Hardware .... List and details inside

Por sniper22477

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26-03-2016, 19:11

Dear All,

I am looking for some MSX-Korean stuff and I don't know how to find ?

I want to buy:

- Zemina Family Card: Hardware ... It is like an interface that allowed MSX users to play FANICOM games through MSX.
Link: http://tinycartridge.com/post/424620394/zemina-family-card-a...

- Cartridge with TFT screen.
Link: http://m.blog.naver.com/hyunjin2net/130186117439

I want to buy the above items... Please send me pictures and price to my E-Mail: ibrahim22477@gmail.com

Also, if you know online shop or someone.... Please let me know.



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Por Bioman

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27-03-2016, 08:41

Unfortunately it was only made by enthusiast of the MSX community of Korea so it will not be available for sale (at least what I can understand it). The Zemina Family Card mostly rare. If try to register in Korean website Naver then you just can send user a PM directly. Is a little bit similar to Facebook.

There was webshop with retro-game maybe 3-4 years ago. I cannot remember name. But is one of the store in Yongsan electrical town that just went online. They actually had a lot rare things. Umm. That was only the interesting web-shop of Korea about the retro games. Also in Naver there exist "cafe" or "groups" with MSX/8-bit people that has many interesting project and such thing, and sometimes for sale. If put up "WTB" there, maybe someone can sell.

Good luck!

Por sniper22477

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27-03-2016, 13:14

Thanks Bioman....

Por usuario_msx2

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28-03-2016, 22:29

sniper22477 wrote:

- Cartridge with TFT screen.
Link: http://m.blog.naver.com/hyunjin2net/130186117439

I have two D.I.Y for personal use, sorry not for sale:

for this DIY you need:
+ 12v 3.5" or 7" TFT screen (from ebay car tft)
+ msx pcb cartridge (from reprofactory f.e)
+ fix the TFT in the pcb then put a wire from +12v TFT to the PIN 48 pcb
+ the ground wire from TFT to pin 41 or 43 pcb
+ a wire from composite video signal to pin 5 pcb(not used)

Now all MSX that you want to use theTFT screen, must have composite video output and you have to fix putting a wire from composite output to pin5 slot 1 or slot 2(place where you are going to insert the TFT cartidge)

CAUTION: Be sure that your MSX has a good power supply (for TFT cons.)

If you want to add sound, ayou must add two little speakers and a sound amplifier(from ebay f.e), fix it in the pcb , put vcc and ground for it connect speakers to ampl. output. Next put a wire from amplifier input to pin16 pcb(not used) and in the same way that composite video, you must fix your MSX putting a wire from msx sound output to pin 16 in slot1 or slot2.

Do it yoursefl at your own risk.
My two TFT are working fine, I change the internal MSX computer power supply unit that use the TFT cartridge.
Then no problem with the power cons.

Good luck!

Por sniper22477

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29-03-2016, 10:45

Thanks ...

Great help