SymbOS MSX multitasking operating system - help needed!

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Por spl

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16-05-2006, 12:32

Wolf_ : Here you can download SymStudio It's a beta, but can see how it is :D

Por wolf_

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16-05-2006, 12:52

That's not really what I mean tho, I hate form-editors. Tongue I just mean special commands to create a window, button, scrollbar manually and use things like handles for such objects.

Like for example Blitz+ or Blitzmax works:


And then a typical evensystem where you wait for events from these gadgets (mousemove, mousepresses etc.)..

Por Trebmint

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16-05-2006, 13:47

Wolf_ Symstudio did originally start as just a form editor to help prodatron. However it's more than that now considering you can build complete applications with it. Its designed to be a tool where you can integrate graphic, form and code data easily. And yes any graphic/form objects created have a handle, plus all the info related to the object e.g

a1 = button1.x
button1.caption="changed text"

Symbos is indeed event driven just like Blitz+ etc, however symstudio offers an additional benefit that it automatically processes the event. That means when an event occurs it goes directly to the specific routine you coded for it, just like visual basic.

Currently I'm working on a integrated version of basic, which will freely mix with the assembly code.

Por diederick76

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16-05-2006, 15:54

I really hope non-Windows users will also be able to write apps for this.

Por [D-Tail]

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16-05-2006, 16:51

diederick76: I believe a lot can be done by using WINE for non-MS systems.

Por PingPong

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16-05-2006, 17:06

Sorry, prodatron: i've wrote:

"I think should be important allowing symbos to boot also from fdd, because there are no more msx user that can use IDE in REAL MSX machines.
Will be pretty if almost the western digital controller support should be implemented."

but this should be:

I think should be important allowing symbos to boot also from fdd, because there are no MANY msx users that can use IDE in REAL MSX machines."

Por Manuel

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16-05-2006, 18:44

PingPong: with openMSX you can create any kind of harddisk image you like, and import files on the partitions. See doc/using-diskmanipulator.txt in the openMSX installation dir or sources.

Also, ANYONE can use IDE on a real MSX, because you can still buy an IDE interface at Sunrise!

Por Patsie

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16-05-2006, 19:11

First of all: teriffic work Prodatron!! Keep it up!
So is it not possible to order one of the existing IDE controlers (like the Sunrise) any more??
Sunrise IDE interface can still be bought at
but I'd suggest the Compact Flash interface (which is basically the IDE interface, but with CF cards)

Por Prodatron

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17-05-2006, 16:55

Good to know Smile I will order one soon. Btw, is it possible to format hard discs in FAT16 or FAT32, too? The "idefdisk" tool Dvik sent me, seems to support FAT12 only.

Por Prodatron

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17-05-2006, 17:05

Sunrise IDE support is implemented now. Here is a new screen shot:

It was quite easy to adapt the Amstrad CPC IDE routines for the MSX/Sunrise. In general I just needed to replace some IN/OUTs with LD r,(n)/(n),r. I hope it will be the same for the other IDE devices. Is it important to support them all?

MineSweeper runs without problems :) But there are still some issues, as SymCommander currently crashes.

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