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Por wimpie3

Champion (435)

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28-06-2016, 20:04

As promised last year - and on high demand - we have now started to scan all old MSX Club Magazines. The magazine was published between 1985 and 1992 for Dutch speaking MSX enthousiasts. It was available by subscription and in magazine shops.

MSX Mozaik 1 & 2 (the predecessors of the Club Magazines) and the first two editions of the MSX Club Magazine are now available for download on All other issues will be published in the coming weeks.

The scans are made with the official authorisation of the entire MSX Club team. BTW, the club still has bi-weekly meetings with almost all original members! They currently create educational software for PC and Android.

Have a happy 33th birthday, MSX!

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Por Bit Addict

Resident (34)

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28-06-2016, 20:33

Super! Thanks.

Por Sylvester

Hero (589)

imagem de Sylvester

28-06-2016, 21:52

Awesome! Great work!

Por evulopah

Paladin (669)

imagem de evulopah

28-06-2016, 23:20

Thank you guys for keeping the legacy alive!! It´s fun reading those old mag´s, especially the first editions. Most of them are in my possesion but not the first of them.

Por Manuel

Ascended (19462)

imagem de Manuel

28-06-2016, 23:30

Thanks a lot!

Some questions: is it me or are the pages in MSX Mozaik 1 in the wrong order? Looks like 5, 4, 7, 6, 9, 8, 11, 13, etc. The others look fine, though!

Your site is really awesome! I never knew before that the first 2 MSX Mozaiks were made together with the team of the MSX club that later started MSX Club Magazine...

Por MickAri

Supporter (16)

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29-06-2016, 14:00

Awesome work thanks a lot!!

Por wimpie3

Champion (435)

imagem de wimpie3

29-06-2016, 19:44

  • The inverted pages have been corrected in the MSX Mozaik magazines.
  • MSX Club Magazine 3 has been added.

Por Feiraco

Master (140)

imagem de Feiraco

02-07-2016, 14:19

Thanks Wim! That archive would be magnificent for the web.

Por raymond

Hero (643)

imagem de raymond

02-07-2016, 21:01

Ah very nice. Now I can finally read number 1-23 Big smile

Por MSX4ever

Master (253)

imagem de MSX4ever

11-07-2016, 20:42

Super thanks. Great Work !!

Por wimpie3

Champion (435)

imagem de wimpie3

10-08-2016, 13:12

A milestone: the first 30 numbers are online now. Adding more issues every week...

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