Where to get new joysticks for MSX computers?

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Por sd_snatcher

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09-02-2020, 16:53

Remember to resolder the wires on the front of the PCB, so they won't get in the way when glueing the PCB back. You want a perfect contact area between the PCB and the wood reinforcement. Better yet if you can keep both pieces hold together on a press until the glue dries completely. Smile

Por Louthrax

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09-02-2020, 16:56

Thanks for the extra-advices, I do not want to re-open my arcade joysticks anymore Smile

PS: I posted pictures of my bent PCBs on the previous page / post.

Por Metalion

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09-02-2020, 18:26

Does that mean that Sega Genesis joypads work on our MSX ?
Because I've just tried a true one on my Sony HB-F9 and it did not work ...

Por sdsnatcher73

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09-02-2020, 19:23

Metalion wrote:

Does that mean that Sega Genesis joypads work on our MSX ?
Because I've just tried a true one on my Sony HB-F9 and it did not work ...

I think you need a JoyMega adapter for them to work on MSX. And there does not seem to be anyone producing them at this moment.

Por sunn

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11-02-2020, 11:16

I bought Telemach from their ebay shop. It is with Amiga mapping but they also have the traditional MSX Telemach.

Por Emphy

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11-02-2020, 12:22

Looking at this description of how joysticks work: https://www.msx.org/wiki/General_Purpose_port

Am I correct in concluding that constructing a joystick from arcade parts is something someone with even low to no soldering skills could do? (connect buttons+stick as described, keeping well away from pin 5)

I am of a mind to get some buttons and a de9 socket to make a hypershot clone.

Por Parn

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11-02-2020, 13:02

Yes, you can do it! There are more complicated devices that can be plugged into MSX joystick ports which use communication protocols, but you won't have problems with a basic joystick. When we were kids we did that all the time with Atari CX40 joysticks, modding them to have two buttons (they were easy to find here in Brazil and not expensive).

Por Emphy

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11-02-2020, 15:47

Heh, ordered a couple of buttons and a db9 socket. Have a spare cable and an old shoe-box I can use for my upcoming diy hypershot-clone ^_^

Will have to wait a while for things to arrive, though (I went for lowest prices and free shipping).

Por Grauw

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11-02-2020, 20:36

Grauw wrote:
Grauw wrote:

And yeah I already have a wireless 8bitdo :). At Nijmegen I was also recommended this wired controller which is officially licensed by Sega and apparently really good quality. They’re sold in Europe in various shops (e.g. nedgame.nl) as Retro Bit MegaDrive (do a google shopping search).

I just ordered a Retro Bit MegaDrive controller, I’ll let you know what I think of it once I get it :).

I received it today, that was quick… It feels nice and looks solid, I played some Salamander on my turboR via a transistor JoyMega adapter and everything worked well. Compared to the 8bitdo controller the feel of the plastic is a little smoother and the shape is more like Sega’s original. The buttons are nice and clicky, and the d-pad has a good pivot to it. Overall it seems a quality controller, I can recommend it.

Definitely much better than the cheap Chinese one I picked up a few years ago, and I would say also a nicer controller than the Panasonic JoyPad. Since these are wired I’m going to try and turn them into JoyMega MSX controllers internally so I don’t have to mess with an adapter. After taking out the 5 small philips screws it looks like the PCB is nice and roomy and there’s also enough room in the back, so the modification should not be very difficult. I have two of them :).

Por Emphy

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15-04-2020, 03:04

Finally received some buttons for my artisanal hypershot-clone. Now I have a silly question about the port schematic:


Is this the view from the outside of the msx, or is from the inside?

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