Nextor bug

Por Fabio Belavenuto

Rookie (17)

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16-11-2016, 13:50

Hi folks,

I found a bug in Nextor. FAT16 partitions with ID 0x0E are not recognized and freeze the FDISK internal software!

With a disk editor, if you change the byte 0x0E by 0x06 everything works again.

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Por konamiman

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31-03-2018, 15:34

Hello! I know that's old, sorry; but I can't reproduce this problem. It is true that Nextor doesn't recognize type 0x0E as a FAT16 partition (it lists these partitions as "Type #E"), but FDISK does not crash for me. Can you please tell my which version of the Nextor kernel are you using? And what are the exact steps to reproduce the problem? Thanks!