How to Program a Pacman game on MSX2???


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05-12-2016, 19:08

How can I do that?? On Brazillian Tutorial Video or Tutorial site??

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Por hamlet

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05-12-2016, 22:02

Why do you start a second threat with the same question?
In my opinion there was a lot of useful answers.
You are going to program a Pacman-like game with the keys on your MSX, not by watching videos.
If you´re confirm with BASIC, start design the sprites, learn to move them around. If not, do also.
Maybe you want to get it smoother, do it in assembler.
Back in 1984 I wanted to do the same thing. My Pacman game. It never became a game, but a really great graphics tool for me. It grows with my ability in coding and took my to a close level near the vdp and cpu.
Like learning a foreign language, it needs time, exercise and practice. Trial and error will become good friends. But I´m suppose to tell you nothing new.
Get yourself a good book with all the commands explained in.
And start.