MSX2+ Panasonic FS A1FX for sale

Por daniel683104

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20-12-2016, 14:15

I just about to complete the restoration of a Panasonic FS A1FX

It will be memory expanded to 512K RAM
New FDD Belt
All would be texted and 100 per cent funtional.

Fixed Price of 280 + shipment.

Those interested

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Por Albert Pieter Dotinga

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20-12-2016, 23:50

Sexy computer Evil

Por Wierzbowsky

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02-01-2017, 15:31

Interested in trading for a Yamaha MSX2+ with 1mb of RAM, FMPAC and an improved video module?

Por tugs

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15-01-2017, 21:53

Hi Daniel,

You're from spain right ?

Have you some picts of the item ? and an idea of shipping cost to France Smile


Por daniel683104

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30-01-2017, 11:49

sorry but I have been busy for a while here are the pictures of the FS A1, it is 100 per cent operative, new FDD rubert belt, all funtions tested, keyboard has been cleaned and the memory is internally expanded to 512K RAM.

note the deformed (broken) plastic over the "BS" Key

more info or questions on

Por daniel683104

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10-05-2017, 21:09

computer sold