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13-02-2017, 14:54

Hydragon wrote:

I would love to see support for setting variables for cartridges and disks in php, so I'm able to load content into webmsx from server end without revealing actual path.
Setting the path to file in js is client side, so I'm unable to "protect" the files for now. Since the idea is to load and play the software, not to download the software.

Hi, can you explain that a little further? I don't know much about PHP.
How would that work?
Since WebMSX runs entirely on the client machine, it has to make an AJAX call to download the ROM from somewhere. The ROM needs to be present on the client machine that will actually run the emulation.

Yes, I can think of some way to disable the State and Disk saving features, but I can't see how we would be able to transfer the ROM to the client machine, and make that impossible to be captured by clever users.

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