SD-Mapper big doubt

Por spawnerbr

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22-01-2017, 01:42

I connected my SD-Mapper on my MSX1 and I have tried to run some MSX1 games from the SD card like a Disk Drive. From 10 games, only 1 worked. I have tried the SD-Mapper in Mapper, Megaram and Disabeled mode. So, I connected my Floppy interface and all 10 games runs perfectly. When I create a DSK from this games and use Sofarun, the games runs. Why the SD-Mapper don't support to load the games from the SD as a Hard Disk?

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Por Fabio Belavenuto

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24-01-2017, 12:27

Hi, SD Mapper uses Nextor:

I have not had and I do not know of any such problems, but some Nextor system experts can help.

Please give us some of these games for further testing.

Por Piter Punk

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26-01-2017, 02:39

Hi spawnerbr,

The problem isn't with the SD-Mapper or with Nextor, the problem is with the games. There are many games (a ton of those adapted from ZX Spectrum) that have problems with:

  1. RAM in a subslot
  2. MSX-DOS2

Using the SD-Mapper you hit both problems: it have an internal slot expander, so the game will run in a subslot and Nextor is created from MSX-DOS2, so it heirs all the incompatibilities that some games have with MSX-DOS2.

As you said in your post that the games runs OK when running from DSK, probably those games have problem with MSX-DOS2. When running the game from DSK it runs under MSX-DOS1.

You can try to use RUNDOS1, or press "1" while your MSX is booting (this will make Nextor boot in MSX-DOS1 mode). Remember, MSX-DOS1 doesn't have native support to subdirectories, the game files needs to be at the root directory or you need to use the external MKDIR/CHDIR/RMDIR commands.

Another point: many of those "bad" games have versions with corrected binaries/loaders in the internet, you can search for them. Can you provide a list of games that you're having problems to load in SD-Mapper?

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26-01-2017, 17:07

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31-01-2017, 15:57

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