Netplay in emulators?

Por syn

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28-02-2017, 13:19

Is there a way to play 2-player games with other people over the net?

Imho it would be fun to play games like Pointless Fighting or Runemaster with people online Smile

If not, I hereby submit it as a suggestion/feature request for emulator creators Wink

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Por Huey

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28-02-2017, 13:48


Por ren

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28-02-2017, 14:13

Funny, was thinking about this last night as well Wink

Yes, would be a great addition to e.g. openMSX.

There's Kaillera, but that's old, discontinued and closed source AFAIK. Meisei uses that.

RetroArch has netplay support, but the core should support it.
According to the wiki page the core should support rewind. Good news: openMSX has that, bad news: there's no Libretro port (yet).
BlueMSX has a Libretro port, but I believe only the (standalone) 2.8.3 beta has (buggy) rewind support.

Not sure if there are other projects out there that use their own (open source and/or friendly licensed) netplay solution which would be suitable to implement..

Curious how the openMSX team feels about the subject (and the MIA @dvik for that matter).. :)

Por ricbit

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28-02-2017, 14:20

BrMSX had netplay using a null-modem cable, but these days none of my computers have a way to connect it.

Por Manuel

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28-02-2017, 22:06