blueMSX Launcher by Oelsha Double Size

Por giuseve

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15-12-2017, 18:22

Hi guys,
Hi Oelsha

In my opinion blueMSX Launcher by Oelsha is the best frontend for my beloved MSX Games.
I think it would be excellent with these 2 improvement.
1) Due to big size monitors nowadays. Could be possible to add a "doulbe size" and/or a "full screen" mode to the launcher?
2) Due to the necessity to use openmsx to launch gfx9000 stuff. Could be possible to add a second button "launch" to the main window to do the same thing that right button can do?

Regards !

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Por oelsha

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16-12-2017, 05:30

Hi giuseve,

Thanks for your request. I'll think about how to do that at the next possible opportunity.