Problems emulating SD-Snatcher

Por Rataplan

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14-03-2003, 09:40

Hi MSX-fans! I've got a problem emulating SD-Snatcher. I've used FMSXSO which I prefer, but i also tried the latest NLMSX as of yet, both with the same problem.
I can start playing the game and everything runs fine. So i walk into the warehouse and start killing a few foes. All still okay. Till the moment is there I get a rank up or my speed or accuracy or anything gets an +1. What happens? As soon as i've got a +1 for any of the stats, every next time I kill a monster, that particular stat is updated with a +1020 score. So within no time I've got a god-Gilian Seed running around which spoils the whole game. I've not tried the japanese version, but only 2 english ones. One from KOMOM, and one from Funet.
Anyone with the same problem? Anyone with a solve? Anyone with a working version?


I've just read an article about fmsxso fucking up those stats. And then I remembered I didn't try NLMSX with this game, it was with Aleste-Gaiden, which I can't get running either.
So is there an emu recommended for playing SD-Snatcher?

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Por Manuel

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15-03-2003, 14:05

I think your SD Snatcher disk image is modified or corrupt, somehow. Anyway, openMSX runs it just fine, but AFAIK, NLMSX, too. That's why I think the disk image is not correct.

Good luck!

Por anonymous

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15-03-2003, 14:24

I'm playing SD snathcher right now with paraMSX042 and it works fine. I had some strange errors too with the same disk in other emulators. Like in RuMSX I received no money after defeating a metal creature. So it doesn't necessarily have to be the disk thats faulty. Though it could be ofcourse. Playing around with different emus and disks is probably the best way to solve this problem

Por Bart

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21-03-2003, 16:21

SD snatcher is emulated very well in a lot of emu's... So if you don't get it to work, find yourself new disks! And remember; you may only copy the disks if you've got the original ones! Wink