Weather Station Project - Need feedback

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19-02-2018, 19:07


First time posting here but a long time MSX user. Back in the day (late 80s, early 90s) I had the Brazilian Gradient Expert (MSX1) that was later upgraded by Ademir Carchano to MSX2. It worked great and with the floppy and Turbo Pascal, allowed me to work on all my university programming assignments at home, just bringing the floppy to the university and run the programs on their PCs. That was a LOOOONG time ago. :-)

Fast forward to 2018 and now I have several vintage systems, all working perfectly. That includes a Sony MSX2 HB-F1XDMK2 (that was upgraded to 2MB). I have been thinking about building a nice Weather Station (due to the fact I live in Canada and knowing what the weather looks like is indeed a big deal up here) either using a Raspberry Pi or an Arduino. That part is relatively easy.

The issue is I want to use one of my vintage machines as a 'dashboard' that will read the information collected by the Weather Station over the network (my home network). What means the machine needs a Network Card and a TCP/IP stack... Thing is, for pretty much all my systems (i.e. Atari ST, Commodore 64, Commodore 128) I was able to easily find and purchase a NIC and they work fine. For the MSX no matter what, it seems no NIC is available any longer. GR8NET, ObsoNET, etc. All mentioned but nowhere to buy these.

On the software side, yes, I did see something from a gentleman named Nestor, that would allow me to use a NIC on my own programs (so I could build the dashboard to show the weather data).

Is this indeed the case, almost impossible to find a NIC for the MSX today? I would love to use the MSX for this as BASIC is vastly superior (try drawing a line on the Commodore 64!) and Pascal with a ton of libraries is there too (not sure about one for the NIC) but the fact I cannot get a NIC anywhere is a major issue what keeps me thinking the Commodore may be the way to go as I do have all I need already (the NIC works great and I even have a WiFi modem!).

Any thoughts/comments?

Thanks a lot guys,


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19-02-2018, 21:36

You could try and contact the maker of Gr8net directly. He doesn't have a webshop.

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19-02-2018, 22:20

Thanks a lot! Already contacted Eugeny and will place an order ASAP. Even though he does not have a Pascal library that is ok for my needs as the dashboard for the weather station does not need to be high performance, so BASIC should do the trick and do it well.
If a good Pascal developer here wants to get a free GR8NET in exchange for having a library for it, I will certainly provide a GR8NET for free. :-)



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20-02-2018, 22:18

Ok so, a good start would be the MSX-Pad and the GR8NET manual, it contains snippets of code ready to be ported into INLINE instructions. Let's try with the simple ones.

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09-03-2018, 04:14

How much does the Gr8net sell for?

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29-05-2018, 03:36

It is around USD 200. I will pick it up in Russia as I am off to Moscow tomorrow night. I will talk to Eugeny to see what can be done from a programming perspective as I am definitely going down the MSX-C route instead of BASIC. Well that is the plan but given how simple the app I want is, BASIC may just do the trick. LOL!