Ugly and obscure games that we love

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Por poke-1,170

Paragon (1766)

imagem de poke-1,170

29-10-2006, 16:00

dipshit, and some game where you had to hit clowns with a rolling ball Tongue

Por ro

Scribe (4565)

imagem de ro

29-10-2006, 17:09

I'll be damned :P *clicky*
Fuckin' a! you find it. Indeed that guy. I remember all those games... typing and typing.. whahah. cool. love it. thanx for the search, you deserve a sigar wolf.

Por pitpan

Prophet (3145)

imagem de pitpan

29-10-2006, 21:25

HITSUJI JAI is one of my favourite games ever. I discovered it recently, but played it a lot. Simple concept, colourful and big graphics (char based only, no sprites) and action. I love PRETTY SHEEP! Old school Hudson games rule! Also INDIAN NO BOUKEN, with the fantastic sampled voice!

Por jltursan

Prophet (2581)

imagem de jltursan

29-10-2006, 21:47

Oh sod, you just had to quote the only negative part of my almost entirely positive reaction!

hehe, just kidding... Tongue

Por Manuel

Ascended (18398)

imagem de Manuel

29-10-2006, 22:03

I very much liked 2-player laserbikes games, as published in magazines Smile

Por wolf_

Ambassador_ (9918)

imagem de wolf_

29-10-2006, 22:28

I couldn't be bothered to type all those listings. I found it very tiresome and irritating to alternate looking at the flickering screen and the paper. It does stimulate to program yourself tho, just looking at the screen doesn't annoy that much.

Por LeandroCorreia

Paladin (955)

imagem de LeandroCorreia

30-10-2006, 01:15

Master of the Lamps is a great game. But it's not either ugly nor obscure (Activision), for sure. Smile

Por Gilneas2

Master (235)

imagem de Gilneas2

30-10-2006, 10:39

About a year ago I ripped the music of Jake in the Caves, I just put it up for download here: the song

Por Manuel

Ascended (18398)

imagem de Manuel

30-10-2006, 16:17

Isn't that music just a dull version of "Hello Dolly"? Tongue

(I was thrilled to see the musical with that song on TV; like many musics, I knew it only from some MSX game, and not the original!)

Por djh1697

Paragon (1614)

imagem de djh1697

30-10-2006, 20:56

I could be playing "Pyramid warp" and "Driller tanks" for hours...., also I find very addictive "Pretty sheep" Smile

Pyramid Warp was the 3rd MSX game that I bought back in 1984! I think it is brilliant!

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