New FPGA-based MSX

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Por George.rm

Supporter (15)

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13-04-2018, 15:12

Hello, everyone. I have, as of two weeks ago, finished designing what I assume will be the smallest complete MSX ever made. This is just the first of a series, and I made it to test my capabilities. Well, yesterday the boards arrived, so now I just have to wait on a few components to begin assembly. It will be compatible with KdL's OCM-PLD. Board is a wee bit bigger than a floppy disk (10cm square).
Here goes:

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Por hardwaremaker

Master (239)

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13-04-2018, 15:35

Very nice and compact board. Can you show the lower face of the board?

Por santiontanon

Paragon (1526)

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13-04-2018, 15:40

Very nice!! which ports are you thinking it will have?

Por George.rm

Supporter (15)

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13-04-2018, 16:42

Don't have the board with me right now to take a pic, will post one soon.
Ports are:
2x MSX bus slots
2x 9pin joystick/controller
2x USB
PS/2 keyboard
microSD slot
VGA (capable of both 15 and 31KHz)
Composite Video
Stereo P2 audio output

Por aurix72

Resident (37)

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13-04-2018, 16:45

What kind of FPGA ?
looks great

Por George.rm

Supporter (15)

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13-04-2018, 17:26

The first revision uses an EP1C12, but this is quite probably gonna change for future versions.

Por djh1697

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13-04-2018, 17:28

No cassette port? It does not conform to MSX minimum specification! Just like the TurboR does not have a cassette port? Looking good by the way Wink

Por Wlcracks

Champion (442)

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13-04-2018, 18:23

Very nice.

Por usuario_msx2

Paladin (755)

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13-04-2018, 18:51

Nice work!
Smallest msx->

Por yakumo

Expert (75)

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13-04-2018, 19:23

Hi. Did you previously used the EP1C12 in a development board? If so, could you tell wich or send a link?


Por George.rm

Supporter (15)

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13-04-2018, 21:56

Thanks for all your comments so far!

No, no EP1C12 dev boards were used.

Well, I'm aware I would technically not be complying to the original standard by omitting the datacorder port, but I based myself on the fact that neither the OCM (which is an official MSX product) nor the tR have one, so...
I know about the MSX that is the size of a konami cartridge, but that can barely be used on its own, right?

Anyway, we have a few GPIO left for that, should the need for a cassete port arise.

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