MSX, SymbOS images?

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Por RealHuman

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22-07-2018, 00:29

I am the author of:
I would like to add MSX images to the site. Do you have any images that I could put there? Preferably in formats MIG, SC3, GL8, PCT, SC4, SC6, SR8, STP, SCA and similar. However PNG, GIF, BMP are also good.
Since SymbOS works on MSX it's images are fine too (SGX I think).

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Por Manuel

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22-07-2018, 23:51

What is the point of your site? So we know what kind of images you are looking for.

Por Eugeny_Brychkov

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23-07-2018, 12:16

What is about copyright infringement?

Looking at the pics published I make two conclusions (no offence intended):

1. Amstrad CPC has no color graphics (I know it is not true Smile )
2. ZX Spectrum is having worst color (colored) graphics comparing to any other systems.

Por RealHuman

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23-07-2018, 12:56

The point of the gallery is to collect any scene images, images drawn by users of MSX machines to show MSX possibilities.

General rule is that scene images can be copied for as long as you credit the author and group information.
The gallery is not a commercial site. There are no ads, no way to donate money. It's there just to promote scene artists.

1. Only black&white images have been uploaded so far. I know there are color images but just nobody uploaded any so far
2. ZX Spectrum has a very colorful palette. And the palette is very limited (16 colors). That's why the images look the way they look. Commodore 64 also has a palette of 16 colors but they have been chosen better by the designers. Atari ST/E and Amiga are quite powerful machines with lots and lots of colors so images here are just great.

Por Manuel

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25-07-2018, 19:01

Lots of MSX scene images have been created in the past. But of most I guess the authors long left the scene and thus they won't be uploading... Perhaps you can try to download them from the various sites? Thousands should be available.

Por hamlet

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25-07-2018, 19:05

Por wolf_

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25-07-2018, 22:42

I wonder where to draw the line (no pun intended). If someone's seeking MSX art, would there be any point in dragging any hi-spec image into a typical image converter and label the result as MSX art? In that case, Google is your gallery, you only need a tool to reduce colours and apply some dithering scheme.

I wonder how much genuine full screen art there actually is. Apart from a few title screens for games and demos, I never had the impression the demo scene did real art. This is quite a difference compared to other systems from that era, where during a demo usually a few full screen art images were shown. Most scene art could be described as fonts, logos and game tiles (and small figures like in turn-based fighting screens).

Of course there were the art galleries from the MSX magazines, but they weren't all great and certainly weren't pushing the creative boundaries much. A few positive exceptions would include BCF.

Por Manuel

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25-07-2018, 23:12

There's lots of great original art on the later disk magazines and disks with paper magazines.

Por larsthe18th

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26-07-2018, 00:23

The BCF Diskstation images are very nice.

Por Meits

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26-07-2018, 03:28

Art Gallery in MC(C)M.
I hope the point is to only have images that were 100% made on mentioned system. Otherwise it would not make a lot of sense.

Por RealHuman

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26-07-2018, 17:37

@hamlet Thanks for the link, seems interesting!

@wolf_ Yes, you are right- the needs to be a line. Simply converting images to MSX formats doesn't make sense. Since I know Commodore 64 best I can tell that for that platform you can't really just convert images. There are lots of limits. For example the C64 has a palette of 16 colors and when drawing in Hires mode you can only use 2 different colors from that palette in every 8x8 pixel block. No converter can convert images to look great in that format. That's why images drawn by people are so much better. So I am looking for real art than just conversions.

@Manuel Seems promising, thanks!

@wolf_ @larsthe18th Thanks, I'll check BCF

@Meits Yes, that's the point. However in reality some images might be drawn on modern computers and then just adjusted for MSX. Hopefully not many of them.

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