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Por Francisco Telle...

Expert (108)

imagem de Francisco Tellez de Meneses

08-11-2018, 11:11

Everyday I have a look at the main page. There are not news everyday. In fact, some news stay for weeks.

Two days ago I posted a new about the preorder of "Prisoner of War" (after seeing that the previous news was post a week before). It was cool to see it as the first new on, especially having in mind that the preorder has an expiration date, and all the effort and months of work I put on it.

Today I woke up and I had a look to as I ussually do, but this time to check if anyone posted any question on the new's forum... and I realized that another new has been posted (a game of a cat).

I must admint that this pissed me off. In fact I found that as a lack of respect.
I wonder why the responsible of the new or the responsible of the site didn't wait a few more days to post it.

Yes, I am aware that there are no rules of "when to post news", and everyone is free to post them whenever they want, but IMHO people and the responsibles of the site should apply some common sense and respect to previous news when posting a new one.

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Por hamlet

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08-11-2018, 11:50

Francisco, I am responsible for the news post about the new game from N.I.
If this post hurts your feelings, I want to apologize. However, as an admin of this site, I feel obliged to make news available to the community as soon as possible. N.I made this game available a few days ago. After a view of the software I took over the text of the author and created a newspost from it. I find this very justified compared to his work.
I also published your contribution a few days before, as soon as it was possible.
This is no lack of repect, this is meant as giving respect to you and all other members.
There are no rules of "when post a newspost". As all admins here I'm doing this job in my spare time, full of enthusiasm. And I love this job.
Please accept my decision. Thank you!

Por Wolverine_nl

Paragon (1145)

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08-11-2018, 11:42

Not to piss you off any further Smile , but you are still on the first three when coming on the website. Plus everyone has the right as the newer news to be on page1, so it is also unfortunate.
When I bring out software and pass it to here and it takes 1 or 2 days for it to be on the first news page, I am glad it is there, and I will be happy when it is one of the 3 for the first couple of days.

I think you should be worried that not everyone checks this website every other day, some maybe once a week and your news item does not get their attention. Which is logic.

You could also sent the webmaster of a story for a newsitem, so google picks it up faster. The more your news is out there, the more google will pick it up.

The game looks and seems awesome, might get it too, great job, for MSX1 it looks amazing.

You guys also deserve credits for maintaining in your spare-time. Big smile

Por Meits

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08-11-2018, 12:33

I'm one of the admins here as well and I'd like to make a few things clear which are somewhat in line with what hamlet wrote.
It's a spare time thing. Nothing professional. None of us gets paid to do this. We're volunteers with a passion for the system/hobby.
We have our private lives with all our personal ups and downs. After a long hard day of duties it's very human to prever playing a game/watch some TV to relax, go sport, spend time in other hobbies in stead of feeling obligated to create news posts and publish them.
This is not aimed at you since I have not checked the news post you submitted, but believe me that it's common practice that we get an url or something not English and have to work with that. In the past we had a few editors who shook great news posts out of their sleeves based on just an url, but we're not all that gifted. It's very normal, especially for us amateurs, to take low hanging fruit (read it, find no oddities, publish it) before investing a lot of time in marginal source content which requires lots of investigation.
We're not all specialists on every aspect of our hobby. Personally I'm hardly ever involved in coding/hardware posts because I do want quality in the post which I can not give on that topic. Other admins have their preferences of topics as well.
We do strife to handle the newspost in the same order they were submitted, but that's not always possible. We also try to put some extra effort in posting news which has a lot of importance or a short validity period. But we're a) humans and b) amateurs. It's not a 9-5 day job.

A few short sentences I'd like to throw.
Our trying does not mean succeeding.
(in my culture so i can only speak for myself) One can only receive respect when it is given voluntarily.
Please join us to shorten news queue time/add expertise.
One can only do their best. It's a hobby.
World peace/economics does not depend on our scene.
We're not all here all day long waiting for content to be submitted.

Por gdx

Prophet (4040)

imagem de gdx

08-11-2018, 13:33

Oh la la, Francisco, you are even more susceptible than me! Shocked!

Por Francisco Tellez de Meneses

Expert (108)

imagem de Francisco Tellez de Meneses

08-11-2018, 14:26

Thanks for your replies, clarifications and apologizes. I also apologize if my post was too hard (I'm also human).

I come from the professional world of videogames where the visibility and competition has become really hard in the last years. The success/failure of a project deppends a lot from the visibility, and it's very hard to get some. In fact, early this year I published a KickStarter campaign, but I couldn't manage the media out of Spain to write/talk about it.
Luck is also a strong factor, and depending on luck is quite unfair.

MSX is for me an oasis in that hard reality. A place of peace where, due to the small amount of projects (that rarely are profitable), every dev gets the proper visiblity and we feel somehow "cared".
I just got disappointed this morning when I realized that, to stay a nice amount of time as the first new, I also deppended on luck. You know, it's just the fact that I saw here a problem from out there.

pd: could you please change the title to "problems with news" or something more proper?
pd2: Thank you for making this site possible!

Por hamlet

Scribe (3444)

imagem de hamlet

08-11-2018, 14:49

Hey Franc, we love your games very much!

Por Meits

Scribe (6210)

imagem de Meits

08-11-2018, 17:23

Good to see everything is in the clear now Smile

Por edoz

Prophet (2311)

imagem de edoz

08-11-2018, 20:25

What I still like to see back... Little off topic, is the email alert when someone is posting a new item in a topic you follow. I loved that feature.. As for me it was a reminder about new food to read Wink Maybe it is me onlyWink

Nice photo!

Por Grauw

Ascended (9581)

imagem de Grauw

08-11-2018, 20:46

It will be shown in the spotlight carousel for quite some time still Smile. That always catches my eye, again and again, more than anything else.

Just not quite at the top of the “news headlines” section anymore, but I only use that to make sure I didn’t miss anything anyway (mostly for not-spotlighted news).

Btw I loved Ghost, so glad to see a new production!

Por sd_snatcher

Prophet (3425)

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08-11-2018, 21:11

Came here just to say that I loved Ghost and I'll buy any new MSX productions coming from you, because of their fantastic quality.

(I don't loose a chance to show others how Ghost is an amazing game.)

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