Spanish Software and Hardware at Nijmegen 2019 (UPDATE)

Por Coyote

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07-02-2019, 00:57

Dear fellows

This is an update of the current status.

Unless any unpleasant surprise happens, I will count with the next stuff over the table. Unfortunately I won't be able to bring a large supply of units of each so if you want to seize a unit of your interest please write at the original thread, where I keep track of reservations.

.- Sword of Ianna (GOTY 2018 at Spain, only available at last Nijmegen through pre-reserve.)
.- Caos Begins (the first game by Hikaru)
.- Who dares Wins II (RetroForce)
.- The heated Yokai Battle (Paxanga)
.- Lost Wind (Oniric, availability of platinum edition still to be confirmed)
.- Rookie Drive (Last version, compatible with most USB FDDs)
.- Blank cartridges, 64/512/2048 KB to store your reproductions. Larger batches for your developments available on demand.
.- And maybe something more.... :)

ONLY UNDER PRE-RESERVE (Till February the 12th)
.- MegaFlashROM
.- Head over Heels / Batman / Gauntlet / (Manbow 2 To be confirmed)...

Thanks for your time and interest

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Por Alexey

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07-02-2019, 14:26

How much is the Rookie drive? I would like to reserve it. Can trade it to our hardware if there's an interest.

Por Abi

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07-02-2019, 21:24

I want to Pre-reserve 1 MegaFlashROM with SCC+, SD 2 slots + 512kb.

Por OeiOeiVogeltje

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08-02-2019, 22:21

as said before

head over heels and Lost Wind Platinum if you have them

im also interested in the "Maybe something more..."

Por Coyote

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09-02-2019, 23:54

Alexey: Check. At this moment I hope I can have like 6-8 units of Rookie Drive.

Abi: I am contacting Manuel Pazos to see if there's a unit available on the shelf. In your particular case I suggest STRONGLY to pay it in advance to secure the item. When buying it, tell him in advance that it is to be delivered at Nijmegen.

OeiOei: Well, the 'maybe something more' chapter means TWO units of a mounted, ready to use, Carnivore 2. 1+1, nothing else. Then, also, mouse adapters and Joymega. (Sorry, I do not know yet about the latter)

From another producer, the cartridge boards I can bring for sale are going to be 64KB, from the same producer I will bring, but just for demo purposes, 512 and 2048 kB boards and a prototype of cartridge for adapting USB keyboards. It is meant for users of F500/700/900 and NMS8250/80 that have the keyboard broken. Actually, it works only in these models...

Por Coyote

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11-02-2019, 15:47

Alexey: I forgot about you... This release will be at maximum 50 €. Maybe cheaper.

Por Coyote

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11-02-2019, 15:49

It is going to be 50 €, maximum. Maybe cheaper