We are pleased to announce that, on the eve of the MSX fair Nijmegen (The Netherlands), the traditional pre fair meeting will take place in the Mercure hotel in Nijmegen. All visitors are very welcome to join and discuss the past and the future of our beloved system.

On February the 15th, we will start at 19:00 hours and will probably finish around midnight. You don't have to be a hotel guest to join the cult of pure wisdom and 8-bit nostalgia. The meeting takes place in the restaurant of the hotel, food and beer are provided, internet access and media player are also available.

We would be very happy to welcome everyone to our conspiratorial meeting. If asked, the password is: "I will pay the bill!"
We are looking forward to this evening and hope to see you there!

Regards, the fair crew.

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Por ray2day

Hero (662)

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08-02-2019, 20:43

good password Wink

Por wilsonpilon

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10-02-2019, 00:30

kudos Smile

Por Coyote

Rookie (31)

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11-02-2019, 15:45

Put me in the list. I will do my best to arrive the first, so I will be the one collecting passwords! Big smile

Por Samor

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11-02-2019, 22:52

"Ken sent me" Tongue

Por JohnHassink

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12-02-2019, 00:37

Samor wrote:

"Ken sent me" Tongue

Come on in!

Por Manuel

Ascended (18088)

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13-02-2019, 15:19

I'll also try to join you guys Smile But I'll leave sooner...