Using Carnivore/FMPac Philips Modules and Floppy's

Por Roland007

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31-03-2019, 21:04


I tried to test the FM-PAC option of the Carnivore but run in to the problem that the A: disk is the internal CF: and B: is my real floppy drive. Software (BanaanFM) assumes it running from A: so it crashes. Insert B: to the loader doesn't solve the problem. I tried Sofarun with a FAC music disk and that ends with a "not enough memory" error.

Great would be, just designate a subdirectory on the CF as the new A:, quit Nextor dos and return to Basic so "auto exec.bas" can load, with say the same amount of memory, if there was just one drive"

An alternative I can think of is making a Profile that just acts like an FM Pac so all real disks, see a Philips module and an FM Pac

What would be the best solution?
Thanks all!

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Por sdsnatcher73

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31-03-2019, 21:12

You could try Nextor's disk emulation (as it bypasses MSX-DOS then), you need to run EMUFILE.COM to use this. After reboot the MSX will boot from the disk like it was A:

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31-03-2019, 22:33

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