Looking for software that gives emulators a hard time

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Por snout

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27-03-2003, 16:31

Also fot he emulator comparison, I'm always looking for demo's or games or utilities that go wrong in one or more emulators. Any suggestions?

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Por Manuel

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27-03-2003, 21:33

I have some:
1) MSX View
2) Metal Limit
3) ANMA's Relax and other ANMA stuff
4) weird ROMs like
a) ROMs with SRAM: Hydlide 2, Xanadu, Genghis Khan, Daisenryaku, etc
b) Harry Fox Yuki No Maou-Hen,
c) Panasonic MSX Audio,
d) National FS-4600 internal software (and other internal software, like th estuff in Panasonic FS-A1WSX
e) Animal Land
f) Pairs or Rotors
g) Cross Blaim
h) R-Type
5) Unknown Reality of course
6) Almost Real
7) Dawn of Time
8) a Z80 tester like ZEXALL.COM

If you want more, let me know and I'll really start thinking of some. Smile
Of course you probably had a lot of these on your list already, but I'm just spamming a bit.

Por snout

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27-03-2003, 22:00

well, a few of your test were not on my list yet... I'll have a look into some of them. Smile

Por hap

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27-03-2003, 22:19

quote deleted, nevermind

A good one would be Hype, and one of the Bandwagon demo's eg. Alankomaat (which means 'Dutchman' in Finnish by the way). And also some standard material; games like Zanac or Nemesis 2 (SCC).

Por sunrise

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27-03-2003, 22:37


Por Guillian

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28-03-2003, 01:19

It is not really important, but I think I can code a SCC detection rutine that will not work in most (any?) emulator Tongue

Por snout

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28-03-2003, 02:09

well.. I try to focus mainly on the capability of different emulators to run software that people will actually use. Most people wanted to run SD-Snatcher in the beginning, and a few years ago none of them could emulate that game like it should. Now there are few that can, and some that still don't.

I understand it is interesting to see that (and investigate why) an emulator can't run the internal software of some exclusive, rare MSX models. But 99% of the emulator users would not give a damn if the emulator can or cannot do that. I try to keep the comparison in the zone of products that are interesting. Retaliator might be an interesting one indeed. I'll see what it does on different emulators.

Strange enough, the most interesting products are the ones that show different behaviour on different emulators.

Por wolf_

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28-03-2003, 13:59

I didn't hear a really good Fm-pac simulation..

iirc, the real thing has a very fast volume-ramping at the start of an instrument. Original Yamaha equipment has too. If you don't do volume ramping, you'll hear ticks at the start of instruments (but only when you were already playing a non-decaying instrument on that same channel!

Also, when running moonblaster in NLMSX, the fmpac-drums aren't 100% authentic.. (hihat, cymbal)

Por hap

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28-03-2003, 14:09

Also, when running moonblaster in NLMSX, the fmpac-drums aren't 100% authentic.. (hihat, cymbal)

0.46 uses an updated emu2413 core (Mitsutaka Okazaki) with fixed hh and cymbal

Por mars2000you

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28-03-2003, 15:43

For the Turbo-R capacities, don't forget the Swiss demo of Mi-Chi !!! Some parts are a real nightmare for the best emulators (openMSX and NLMSX) ....

Por anonymous

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28-03-2003, 18:16

A good test for all emulators may be the main title of D.A.S.S. (the MSX-Engine game)

It performs a nice interrupt-based effect which is not visible in some emulators such as fMSX or RuMSX. Other emulators achieve a partial emulation of it.

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