More than 32 sprites on a TMS9128

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Por hap

Paragon (2040)

imagem de hap

12-07-2019, 21:20

This weird feature has been emulated for around 10 years, no other emulators have bothered to add it.

Ctrl-V and it will type in whatever is in the clipboard.

Por alexito

Paladin (752)

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12-07-2019, 21:24

Awesome I didn't know that. Thanks hap.


Por sd_snatcher

Prophet (3499)

imagem de sd_snatcher

13-07-2019, 00:10

PingPong wrote:

Bleah! Do not expect nothing that is really useful from the crappy TMS VDP.
Even some undocumented modes that have some usefulness are plagued by some others side-effects that make them unusable as ARTRAG said

AFAIK, when only the pattern table is configured to be mirrored, the sprites will work fine. This can be used to allow double-buffering on screen-2, either for the name table or the pattern table.

The only disadvantage is that it doesn't work on the Toshiba T6950. I heard it wouldn't work on the Sega VDPs too, but never could check it.

Por Manuel

Ascended (18694)

imagem de Manuel

13-07-2019, 00:32

Regarding openMSX and sprite clones, see this:
We never implemented it because the heating up effect could not be properly implemented. Well, as far as I remember... Still, it could be added for the proper VDP's. If someone bothers to implement it....

Por DamnedAngel

Master (246)

imagem de DamnedAngel

14-07-2019, 00:33

In the case somebody is wondering, just tested on Zemmix and it is not able to show the extra sprites.

Por alexito

Paladin (752)

imagem de alexito

14-07-2019, 11:41

Thanks, DamnedAngel.
I was craving to do that test also on my Zemmix but you save me some precious time.


Por alexito

Paladin (752)

imagem de alexito

14-07-2019, 13:50

I would like to test a old MSX DEMO called "Alankomaat by Bandwagon" anybody in this forum can help me to get this demo because the link at Pouet is broken.

P.S.: I have tested the MSX Basic program listed at the beginning on my SANNO MSX with F18A VDP Upgrade (TMS9918 Compatible) and it not show the Sprites Cloning effect on the screen.


Por PingPong

Prophet (3885)

imagem de PingPong

14-07-2019, 18:19

Does it mean that you are able to use all 32 sprites as happens in normal screen 2 mode?
If it is true, we can say "TMS VDP, so crappy that even clones can do better" ;-) GROAN. :-(

Por alexito

Paladin (752)

imagem de alexito

14-07-2019, 22:19

@PingPong: Well that happen also with the Zemmix/OCM they have 1024K VRAM but nobody dare to make a good use of it.


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