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Por defdanny

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09-05-2021, 01:09

Hi all,
I created some tracks with Arkos Tracker 2 in the last months that I would like to share with you.
Here is the link to my Youtube playlist. Hope you like them!

Por hamlet

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09-05-2021, 07:00

This was now my Sunday morning soundtrack and I am enjoying it on its third run. You were very hardworking and creative!
Kudos to you!
I hope to find many of these tracks in games soon, like Alien Attack.

Por tfh

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09-05-2021, 09:09

Quite some impressive work. Very nice what you are able to do with the PSG!

Por Pac

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09-05-2021, 18:58

Thank you for sharing. I love PSG, you are making great tunes. Keep up the good work! Wink

Por aoineko

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09-05-2021, 19:07

Very nice work.
When used properly, the PSG sound is really cool.
My favorite is Reflektionen.

Por Pac

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09-05-2021, 19:48

Fully agree with that, it is still surprising how this old soundchip is able to create certain sounds.

Por Manuel

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10-05-2021, 00:21

Sounds fantastic! Are you sure it sounds like that when playing on a real PSG? Smile

Por syn

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10-05-2021, 01:23

I dont expect them to sound too different on real msx, these sounds i recognize from my experiments in trilotracker (HW envelope stuff) in openmsx and the many ze spectrum tunes (same soundchip) that i've heard

Great stuff defdanny

Por defdanny

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10-05-2021, 20:16

@Manuel & syn: yes, I successfully tested all tunes already on real MSX hardware by using the Arkos AKG player. The only exception from this playlist is "Xenon Megablast". As you can imagine, there is no (easy) way to playback the samples I used in Arkos Tracker 2. I had a chat with Thargan (creator of AT) and he confirmed, that the current players are not able to play back samples.
Like syn said, some of the tracks are using high pitched HW envelopes for this certain bass sound (examples are "Sax Solo", "Attack Vector" and "DisCHIPo". this works perfectly fine on real MSX hardware.

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