Tales of Popolon

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Por sd_snatcher

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20-10-2019, 16:04

theNestruo wrote:

That's the theory, but in practice that does not happen. Continuing some else's code is usually a difficult task...

(I published the unfinished World Rally sources five years ago and... there they lay, unmolested)

Maybe it could be a good idea to create a list of the open source MSX software on the MSX-Wiki. Otherwise it will be hard to find them on the vastness of the Internet.

Por santiontanon

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20-10-2019, 19:32

ToriHino wrote:

This sounds great, so this will eventually become the Tales of Popolon Remastered Extendend Plus Deluxe version? Wink

hahaha, initially I wanted to to Tales of Popolon 2, but I realized I don't really have time to really ever finish it if I want to pay attention to the other projects I am currently working on. So, I'm going to settle for an "extended" version just trying to make the rendering engine as good as possible in case anyone wants to reuse it for doing another game Smile

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