Boot MSX like a PC

Por Eugeny_Brychkov

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22-04-2020, 23:34

I am developing device-based driver for Nextor with floppy drives always mapped in the system at start time. Machine can boot from floppy A: (device #1) and floppy B: (device #2), but there's also a hard disk (device #5) with the partition, and if I do not put floppy into drive A: or B: machine does not try to boot from hard disk and even does not map its first (and the only) partition. Mode is DOS2. If I perform _mapdrv("c:",1,5,0) then I can perform FILES on hard disk.
Is there any way to boot machine from this hard disk device #5?
Edit: well I can try to map the hard disk device on boot up, but I would want Nextor to perform it automatically in DOS2 mode (clearly DOS1 mode is another story as DOS1 is short on RAM).

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Por Eugeny_Brychkov

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23-04-2020, 03:16

I've got workaround for it. Holding a hot key disabling floppy subsystem completely on initialization, machine goes to BASIC, then performing _mapdrv("a:",1,5,0), and then _system -> machine boots off the hard disk into DOS2.

Por rolandve

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30-04-2020, 21:18

Well it would be great, if MSX with IDE could boot like a PC without tricks. In other words: you switch on the machine, it scans bootable devices and if A does not have a bootable media it continues on C. So the MSX harddisk would automatically become C: That would save a lot of hacks if you wanted to use software that expects to boot from A and a floppy.

Por Nprod

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08-05-2020, 00:54

I've wondered if it's possible to replace the useless internal firmware found on many Sony and Panasonic machines with a custom Nextor ROM... One that just loads to an A:\ or a C:\ prompt and lets you browse and run files from there like you would on a PC.