Nemesis MSX OST emulated on Commodore 64

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Por Parn

Paladin (773)

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11-05-2020, 03:06

Venom Strikes Back is truly amazing, but the game has a C64 version and the title theme is exactly the same (albeit with C64 sound, of course). Astro Marine Corps, on the other side, has a C64 version but the music is completely different.

Por Mr.Mouse

Expert (66)

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11-05-2020, 10:09

Manuel wrote:


Can the emulator also do the noise effects that are often used for drums?

Yes, currently noise is done by quick alternation between noise and square wave on the same channel. We are looking into possibly mixing.

As for the music, thanks for all the tips, and yes, all companies! Just the best music, in your opinion! Smile

Por tfh

Prophet (3154)

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11-05-2020, 14:20

I personally really like the music from L'affaire.

Por Manuel

Ascended (18696)

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11-05-2020, 20:28

Japanese: check Falcom, Konami, Microcabin, Hertz, T&ESoft and probably many more.

European: check out and

Por shaiwa

Champion (384)

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11-05-2020, 23:33

@Mr.Mouse, Yawara showed me how to make those kss files (long time ago), its almost the same.
Never thought on trying using the Yawara player to use the extracted play routines and sound/music data.
Maybe you can try doing that for the Dragon Slayer music youre looking for?

Por Mr.Mouse

Expert (66)

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14-06-2020, 20:08

Thanks all for the comments.

Next collection I just released: Treasure of Usas OST. Smile

Por Manuel

Ascended (18696)

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14-06-2020, 21:29

Heh, the ş of the game title changed into an s in the title screen image Smile Cool to hear this great PSG tune on the C64, though.

Por sdsnatcher73

Prophet (2966)

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14-06-2020, 21:35

Now it’s just a matter of time till someone figures out how to play these converted SID songs on a Playsoniq to finish the circle Wink

Por ren

Paragon (1928)

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15-06-2020, 11:10

Ha, cool Smile

Gotta check your FM stuff! (And more of 4mat as well btw Wink (his Rose chip is def. a fave of mine, but there's a lot I haven't even heard yet Smile))

Btw if you allow me to share it here (it is actually related Smile) I just recently started working an a web player, supporting .kss & .sid (.vgm to follow). I did a themed version of the Ushas soundtrack & Penguin Adventure. There's a (WIP) funky SID playlist & a MSX one dubbed MSX All★Stars.

In the latter (it's a selection, not complete o/c :)) a lot of SCC stuff, a single FM tune (Xak - which actually has PSG-only arranges as well), PSG: Penguin Adventure & Hinotori (might be a nice candidate?)

Since you asked for suggestions, will post some more suggestions later. Is KSS a suitable format for you?
(Penguin Adventure seems to be a logical choice though already?)


the ş of the game title

@Manuel (and the rest of the world): Uṣas The diacritic beneath the 's' is (supposed to be) a dot, not a cedilla. (See btw the title in red in the pre-stage/temple select scene ;))

And written in basic Latin you would write the name as it's pronounced: Ushas. (And I don't regard the English box/manual/etc official.. ;)) Btw: ウシャス in Romaji is Ushasu.

(Okay, so that's settled then? :))

@Mr.Mouse: regarding the soundtrack credits: when running on a Japanese system the game ending will show a staff listing (in code names), there's Kazuhiko Uehara (Kazu), Motoaki Furukawa (Moto), Iku Mizutani (Iku) and Masahiro Ikariko (Masa), all sound designers/composers/arrangers.

My suspicion is Kinuyo composed the main themes, and the other folks, more technically, sound hw/driver adept (probably), did the actual PSG arrangements, the mood transpose stuff, sfx etc.


Por ren

Paragon (1928)

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15-06-2020, 13:47

Some other suggestion (kinda have to ponder about PSG soundtracks that stand out.. Smile)

There are some great FM (+PSG) soundtracks that have a PSG-only version as well. E.g. the Xak series, Starship Rendezvous, Aleste (1 & 2) come to mind.. Fire Hawk

Techno Soft: Feedback, Herzog (PSG only) (The Sharp X1turbo OPM/YM2151 version is GREAT btw) (it's on YT under 'Herzog PC-88 OST')

Hertz: Psycho World (pretty iconic), Hydefos.

Konami PSG: Vampire Killer / Akumajou Dracula, Knightmare, MoG, Pippols, ...

ps: regarding my player: I noticed there's a memory leak in FF. Might be also caused by a bad behaving extension, don't know yet. Chrome seems to work fine/better. Pausing the player causes raised CPU usage, esp. w/ visualizer open.. Got some work to do it seems.. Wink

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