[WTB] [EUR] Konami games'n'stuff

Por wbahnassi

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21-05-2020, 04:41


I'm looking to buy the following titles:
* Hyper Rally [EUR]
* Circus Charlie [EUR]
* Super Cobra [EUR]
Complete with manuals and good condition.

Also, looking for EUR manuals of:
* King's Valley 1 [EUR]
* TwinBee [EUR]

If you have any of the above to spare and sell, I would be thankful if you let me know your price and delivery cost to Montreal Canada. Email me on wbahnassi at gmail.


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Por Stt1

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21-05-2020, 13:21

E-mail sent

Por wbahnassi

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18-09-2020, 04:35

Still on the look for Circus Charlie and Super Cobra if anyone has extra to sell.